How To Get Shikai in TYPE SOUL[May 2024]

Read on for How To Get Shikai in TYPE SOUL.

How To Get Shikai in TYPE SOUL

How To Get Shikai in TYPE SOUL: Getting Started

Roblox Game “Type Soul” introduces the concept of Shikai, the first awakening form of Zanpakuto. This form not only grants a unique appearance to your weapon but also significantly increases its power. However, unlocking Shikai in Type Soul requires dedication and perseverance. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of obtaining this formidable ability.

How To Get Shikai in TYPE SOUL: STEP I

To begin your journey toward Shikai, you must first become a Soul Reaper, as only this race has the ability to wield Zanpakuto. Start by intentionally dying at the beginning of the game. Once in soul form, your objective is to find Kisuke, an important NPC located in a park within Karakura Town. Interact with Kisuke to initiate the next phase of your quest. [Here’s the video link where you can learn the location of Kisuke in case you don’t know where is Kisuke;] Interacting with him will transform you into a Soul Reaper. 

How To Get Shikai in TYPE SOUL: STEP II

Now that you have encountered Kisuke, it’s time to prove your worth as a Soul Reaper. Engage in battles against Hollows until you reach Grade 2. This will require perseverance and strategic combat. Additionally, complete the Division Quests offered by Soul Society, which serves as an additional test of your abilities.

How To Get Shikai in TYPE SOUL: STEP III

Once you have achieved Grade 2, you gain the ability to Meditate. Travel to Soul Society and press the M button to initiate the Meditation process. During this activity, your character will sit and focus for a duration of 20 minutes, attempting to hear the voice of their weapon. It’s important to note that achieving Shikai requires three Meditations, making it a time-consuming endeavor.

While waiting for your character to complete the Meditations, you can utilize this downtime to stay updated on new updates and developments related to Type Soul. Visit the game’s official Trello page or join the Discord server to stay informed about any changes or enhancements that may impact your gameplay experience.

How To Get Shikai in TYPE SOUL: STEP IV

After the completion of the third Meditation, you will gain access to your character’s inner world, where you must face and defeat Shikai. It’s worth mentioning that if you encounter any issues entering this world, try dying once and then attempt to access it again. This should resolve any potential conflicts and allow you to proceed as intended.

How To Get Shikai in TYPE SOUL: Tips

Fighting Shikai is no easy task, as your enemy possesses similar abilities and strengths. To maximize your chances of victory, it is recommended to have fewer skills in your arsenal, simplifying your approach. Maintaining a safe distance from Shikai is crucial to avoid falling victim to its devastating combo attacks. If you are unsuccessful in defeating Shikai, don’t be discouraged. You can retry the battle after an hour. In some cases, the cooldown period can be shortened by engaging in combat with NPCs or other players.

How To Get Shikai in TYPE SOUL: Final Touch

Finally, after all the arduous work and determination, you will have successfully acquired Shikai in Type Soul. This new weapon form will significantly enhance your combat capabilities, allowing you to conquer more challenging enemies and confront formidable adversaries. To activate the power of Shikai, simply equip your sword and press the J button. It’s important to note that Shikai can manifest in various types, including Blood, Ice, Ink, Fire, Berserk, Confusion, Creation, Lightning, Shadow, Water, and Wind. Each type bestows unique abilities and characteristics, offering diverse tactical options for your battles.

Congratulations! You are now equipped with the incredible power of Shikai in Type Soul. Master this newfound ability, explore its potential, and continue to evolve your character as you embark on new adventures and face the trials that await you.

Remember, the journey does not end here. Type Soul offers a vast and immersive world filled with mysteries, challenges, and opportunities for growth. Discover your true potential as you continue to uncover the secrets hidden within this captivating game.

Good luck, brave warrior, as you forge your path and harness the power of Shikai in Type Soul!

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