Type Soul Partial Resurrection Guide: How To Get Partial Resurrection (Res)[May 2024]

Read on for Type Soul Partial Resurrection Guide: How To Get Partial Resurrection (Res).

Type Soul Partial Resurrection Guide How To Get Partial Resurrection (Res)

Type Soul Partial Resurrection Explained

Acquiring the extraordinary ability of Partial Resurrection (Res) in Roblox Type Soul is a coveted achievement for Hollow characters. Drawing inspiration from the Bleach anime series, Type Soul brings the essence of Hollow evolution to life, making Partial Resurrection a significant milestone in the game. This ability, similar to Hollow’s Resurrección, empowers Arrancars with a range of formidable moves and skills. However, obtaining Partial Resurrection is no simple task. In this guide, we will provide a detailed walkthrough on how to unlock Partial Resurrection in Type Soul.

Type Soul Partial Resurrection: Steps To Acquire Partial Res

1. Rank up to Grade 2:
– Progress through the game and achieve Grade 2 status as a Hollow character. This requires dedication and consistent gameplay. [Read the guide to reach grade 2 here]

2. Locate the NPC:
– Once you have reached Grade 2, you need to find a specific NPC who spawns in Hueco Mundo and offers the quest for Partial Resurrection.
– The NPC’s location is randomized and can appear in multiple areas within Hueco Mundo.
– Possible spawn locations include:
– Atop the rock to the left of the Castle.
– Near the Throne, also to the left of the Castle.
– Inside a room with multiple white tiles.
– Within the green room located in the extreme corner of the Castle.
– Near the stairs leading to the first floor.
– Around the laboratory-like white floor.
– In the left corner of the stairs.

3. Obtain the Missing Res-based Object:
– Interact with the NPC to trigger the spawning of an item related to your specific Resurrection.
– The item’s appearance corresponds to the nature of the Resurrection you have obtained.
– Search for the item within the Castle or in close proximity to the throne area.

Obtaining Partial Resurrection in Type Soul involves not only reaching Grade 2 but also finding an item that corresponds to the nature of your Resurrection. Each type of Resurrection has its own distinct item. For instance, if you have acquired the Bone Resurrection, you will need to locate an item related to bones.

These items can be found within the Castle or in close proximity to the throne area. As you explore, keep an eye out for these items, which will be essential for progressing toward Partial Resurrection.

Here is a comprehensive list of the different types of Partial Resurrections in Type Soul:

3. Slash
4. Starkk
5. Bat
6. Acid
7. Storm

Each Partial Resurrection offers unique abilities and skills that contribute to the overall gameplay experience. Experiment with different Resurrections to discover which one aligns best with your playstyle and preferences.

By obtaining the specific item associated with your chosen Resurrection, you will fulfill the requirements necessary to unlock Partial Resurrection. This will propel your Hollow character’s evolution and provide you with a range of powerful moves and skills to utilize in battles.

Remember, the journey to obtaining Partial Resurrection requires persistence and careful exploration. Search diligently within the Castle and near the throne area to locate the item that corresponds to your desired Resurrection. Once you have obtained the item, you will be one step closer to harnessing the immense potential of Partial Resurrection in Type Soul.

4. Complete the Obby Parkour Quest:
– Head to the Void Pit, located to the extreme left of the Castle, to embark on the final stage of the quest.
– As you progress straight ahead, you will encounter two large rocks. Continue in that direction to reach the Void Pit, which will be populated by skeletons.
– Enter the Void Pit to initiate the Obby (obstacle course) parkour challenge.
– The parkour course requires navigating through various obstacles without taking fall damage.
– Practice and refine your skills to overcome the challenges posed by the parkour course.

Type Soul Partial Resurrection: Things To Know

– If you die during the quests, you will encounter a cooldown period of one hour before you can resume.
– Gripping a Shinigami NPC or a Soul Reaper player will reset the cooldown, allowing you to continue without waiting.
– In the event of failing the Obby parkour challenge, there is no need to find the NPC again. Instead, proceed to the second floor of the Castle and interact with the Pink Orb to progress.

Type Soul Partial Resurrection: Final Words

By successfully completing the parkour-based Obby quest and conquering its challenges, you will unlock Partial Resurrection in Type Soul. This achievement grants your Hollow character enhanced abilities and unlocks a new realm of power. With Partial Resurrection at your disposal, you can unleash devastating moves and excel in battles, leaving your mark on the world of Type Soul.

Remember, the path to obtaining Partial Resurrection requires perseverance, adaptability, and a willingness to face challenges head-on. Practice the parkour challenges, refine your strategies, and embrace the trials that come your way. As you unlock the potential of Partial Resurrection, you will rise to new heights in Type Soul, ready to conquer formidable opponents and carve your name in the annals of Hollow evolution.

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