Type Soul Rank Up Guide: How To Reach Grade 2 Quickly[May 2024]

Read on for Type Soul Rank Up Guide: How To Reach Grade 2 Quickly.

Type Soul Rank Up Guide How To Reach Grade 2 Quickly

Type Soul Rank Up Guide

To progress and rank up in Type Soul, reaching Grade 2 is a crucial milestone for Shinigami players. While battling Hollows may not be the most efficient way to earn experience points, there is a simple clicker mini-game that can help you level up quickly. By utilizing this method, you can swiftly advance your rank and unlock new abilities.

Type Soul Rank Up Guide: How To Reach Grade 2 Quickly

The fastest way to rank up in Type Soul is by completing the Hollow Minigame. This mini-game is accessible through the Division Duty of the 12th Division. It offers a straightforward and engaging gameplay experience that can significantly boost your progression.

In the Hollow Minigame, various icons representing Shinigami and Hollows will randomly appear on your screen. Your objective is to click on these icons as quickly as possible. The mini-game presents these icons in rapid succession, allowing you to click on all of them. However, it is advisable to prioritize clicking on the Hollow icons whenever they appear. By playing the Hollow Minigame multiple times, you will steadily ascend to Grade 2.

Type Soul Rank Up Guide: Play Hollow Minigame To Reach Grade 2 Quickly

Here are the key steps to access and play the Hollow Minigame:

1. Join Division 12: If you are currently affiliated with another division, make sure to leave it first[Read the guide here on how to leave Division]. This will enable you to join Division 12 and access their exclusive missions.

2. Locate the Division Duty board: Within Division 12, you will find a board that presents various missions and duties. This board is your gateway to the Hollow Minigame and other important activities.

3. Accept the Hollow Minigame mission: Look for the mission on the Division Duty board that prompts you to “Complete the Hollow Minigame within Soul Society.” Click on the “Yes” option to accept the mission and initiate the mini-game.

4. Engage in the mini-game: Once you have accepted the mission, the Hollow Minigame will commence. Stay focused and be prepared to click on the icons swiftly and accurately. Prioritize clicking on the Hollow icons to maximize your progress.

While the Hollow Minigame is an effective method to expedite your leveling process, reaching Grade 2 does not guarantee immediate progression to higher ranks. If you find yourself stuck at Semi-grade 2, it may indicate that you have overlooked the regular missions and duties.

To continue ranking up, it is essential to complete both division missions (division duties) and regular missions. These missions provide a comprehensive gameplay experience and offer valuable rewards, including additional experience points and new abilities. Make sure to undertake these missions diligently to enhance your overall progress within Type Soul.

By dedicating time to the Hollow Minigame and diligently completing both division and regular missions, you will steadily advance through the ranks of Type Soul. Remember that each rank brings new challenges and opportunities for growth. Embrace the journey, hone your skills, and become a formidable force within the game.

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