Type Soul Schrift: How To Get Schrift In Type Soul [May 2024]

Read on for Type Soul Schrift: How To Get Schrift In Type Soul.

Type Soul Schrift How To Get Schrift In Type Soul

Type Soul Schrift Explained

In Roblox TYPE SOUL, the power equivalent to Shikai for Soul Reapers is Shikai Power, while for Quincies, it is called Schrift Power. Both of these powers are essential for their respective classes and provide unique abilities.

To obtain Schrift Power as a Quincy in Type Soul, you need to earn it from a statue. Similar to the series, the game incorporates this mechanic to enhance the gameplay experience. Interact with the statue and follow the instructions to acquire your Schrift Power, granting you powerful Quincy abilities.

It is important to note that Schrift Power is specific to Quincies and cannot be obtained by Soul Reapers. Likewise, Soul Reapers cannot obtain Shikai Power unless they follow the appropriate in-game mechanics and earn it through their respective race-specific methods.

Type Soul Schrift: How To Get Schrift In Type Soul

  1. Go to the top of the Wandenreich castle: Navigate to the highest point of the castle in the game.
  2. Talk to the NPC named Balance: Interact with the character named Balance, who is present in the castle.
  3. Choose “yes” to return to your origins: When prompted by Balance, select the option to go back to the place where you became a Quincy.
  4. Level up if not prompted: If Balance does not ask you the previous question, it means you need to increase your character’s level. Complete Quincy board missions to earn experience points and reach Semi-Grade 1.
  5. Talk to the statue: Interact with the statue located at the place where you became a Quincy.
  6. Choose “I will.”: Select the option that says “I will” in response to the statue’s message “Letters are designated to the worthy. Display yourself in a real battle.”
  7. Defeat the following enemies:
    • 5 Soul Reapers
    • 5 Arrancar
    • 5 Menos
    • 15 Fishbone
    • 2 Adjucha

    Note: The statue will inform you if there are any remaining enemies to defeat.

  8. Return to the statue: Once you have defeated all the required enemies, go back to the statue where you began.
  9. Interact with the statue: Click or interact with the statue to unlock Schrift in Type Soul.

Please follow these steps carefully. If you die during the process, you will need to start over from the beginning. Take your time, stay focused, and defeat the required enemies without dying to successfully unlock Schrift in Roblox Type Soul. 

Type Soul Schrift: Schrifts Available

  • Miracle[Legendary]
  • Heat[Common]
  • Wind[Common}

These are the Schrifts available in Type Soul. Each Schrift represents a unique power or ability that players can acquire in the game. 

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