TYPE SOUL Quincy Guide Wiki: Quincy Progression [May 2024]

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TYPE SOUL Quincy Guide Wiki

TYPE SOUL Quincy Guide Wiki: Getting Started

In the Roblox game “Type Soul,” to become a Quincy, your first objective upon spawning into the game is to find a way to die. This can be achieved by engaging in combat with other players or NPCs.

TYPE SOUL Quincy Guide Wiki: How To Become Quincy

Once you have become a lost soul, your next step is to enter the Wanden gate in Karakura Town. Inside Wanden, locate a statue with a white glowing sword and interact with it. It’s important to note that you must be a lost soul when speaking to the statue in order to become a Quincy.

To progress as a Quincy, create a party using the button on the left side of the screen and queue for missions by finding a mission board. This will allow you to gain experience and advance your Quincy abilities.

You can now purchase Flashstep in the speed skill tree for 0 skillpoints, which will enhance your mobility and combat capabilities.

TYPE SOUL Quincy Progression Guide Wiki: How To Progress As Quincy

During your Quincy progression, the requirements for each rank vary:

– From Grade 5 to Semi Grade 1: Mission EXP is the only type of experience needed to progress during these ranks.

– From Semi Grade 1 to Elite Grade: In addition to mission EXP, you will also need Hollow NPC kills, Grip EXP, and Raid EXP to advance.

As a Quincy, you have the ability to switch between Blut Vene and Blut Arterie by pressing the U key. Additionally, you can switch between your sword and bow by pressing the Tab key.

If you wish to change your weapon as a Quincy, you can use a Spirit Box. These can be obtained from winning raids or purchased at the Karakura Town raid shop for 80,000 Kan.

Embrace the power of the Quincy and embark on your journey in Type Soul!

Please note that the information provided is based on the context of the game “Type Soul” and may be subject to updates or changes as the game evolves.

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