Haze Piece Bisento V2 Location Guide

Read on for the Haze Piece Bisento V2 Location Guide.

Haze Piece Bisento V2 Location Guide
Haze Piece Bisento V2 Location Guide

Haze Piece Bisento V2 Location Guide: How To Get Bisento V2 In Roblox Haze Piece?

First things first – Go to the Marine HQ, a level 800 island on the in-game map. There, you will find an NPC named Bella in one of the towers; interact with Bella and buy the Bisento V1. Bisento V1 costs 500K in-game bucks. Once you have Bisento V2, you can proceed to getting the Bisento V2. To get the Bisento V2, you will need to defeat the Super Boss Tremor Girl, who resides in the Marine HQ. Upon eliminating Tremor Girl in Roblox Haze Piece, there is a 50% chance of getting Bisento V2. Before encountering the Tremor Girl, defeat the Ice Admiral on Marine HQ Island for the TremorBeard Key[5% drop rate]. Once you have the key, go to the bottom of the island and look for the mysterious locked door. Use the key to spawn the Tremor Girl Super Boss and defeat her to attain the Bisento V2. 

The above instructions are straightforward and easy to understand, which should be enough. You can learn more about TremorBeard Key & Tremor Girl Super Boss here

Full Guide:

Prerequisite: Possession of Bisento V1

Before venturing into the realm of Bisento V2, ensure you have already claimed its predecessor, Bisento V1. Head to Marine HQ, the Level 800 island, and seek out Bella in one of the towers. A hefty sum of $500,000 Beli will secure your ownership of Bisento V1.

Tremor Girl

The gateway to Bisento V2 is guarded by Tremor Girl, a formidable Super Boss residing on Marine HQ Island. To summon Tremor Girl, you need the elusive TremorBeard Key. Defeat the Ice Admiral on the same island, with a mere 5% chance of obtaining the key. The key, once in your possession, will unlock the door to Tremor Girl’s domain.

Fighting Tremor Girl Super Boss

Tremor Girl, a Level 1000 adversary, demands skill and strategy. Engage in the battle armed with Bisento V1, as the key to unlocking Bisento V2 lies in defeating her. Tremor Girl drops Bisento V2 at a 50% rate, providing you with the chance to wield its immense power.

Moves of Bisento V2

Bisento V2 isn’t just a blade; it’s a force to be reckoned with. As you progress in sword levels, the weapon unlocks potent moves:

Shattering Orb (Sword Level 50): Create a tremor ball that obliterates anything in its path.
Shattering Impact (Sword Level 150): Slam your Bisento down to generate area-of-effect tremor shockwaves.
Master these moves, and the seas of Haze Piece will tremble beneath your might.

Embark on this epic quest, defeat Tremor Girl, and claim Bisento V2 as your own. The journey may be challenging, but the power that awaits is worth every trial. May your tremors be true, and may Bisento V2 guide you to victory in the perilous waters of Haze Piece.

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