TYPE SOUL Blue Pill Guide Wiki [May 2024]

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TYPE SOUL Blue Pill Guide

What Is TYPE SOUL Blue Pill?

In Roblox Type Soul, Blue Pill resets your build. When you use the blue pill, you get all the skill points back. However, you would receive all the skill points but the red pill skill points. In order to get the extra 5 skill points back, you would have to pop another red pill to receive the extra 5 skill points. You would also lose the skill box you popped when you took the blue pill.

How To Get Blue Pill In Type Soul?

As of writing this guide, you can obtain Blue Pill using the Type Soul Codes[If available]. 

Type Soul Red Pill

Red Pill provides you with 5 skill points. You can only pop it once. However, Vastocars can pop it twice for X10 skill points.

Type Soul Hollow Box

In the Roblox Soul game type, players can obtain unique weapons through the Hollow Box feature. These weapons are inspired by the Arrancar faction from the anime series “Bleach.” Examples of these distinctive weapons include Ulquoirra’s Katana, Harribel’s Dagger, Wonderweiss’s Sword, Grimmjow’s Claws, Barragan’s Axe, Neliel’s Lance, and Nnoitra’s Scythe. Players can acquire these weapons by participating in raids or visiting KT shops within the game. These weapons add an extra layer of excitement and customization to the gameplay experience.

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