Type Soul Vasto Lorde (Vastocar) Guide Wiki [May 2024]

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Type Soul Vasto Lorde (Vastocar) Guide Wiki

Type Soul Vasto Lorde (Vastocar): How To Become Vasto Lorde or Vastocar?

To become a Vasto Lorde in “Type Soul,” follow these steps:

1. Start as a Fishbone: When you spawn into the game, begin as a Fishbone hollow[Become a lost soul by losing to an NPC or a player, then press CTRL + k] and progress through the different stages by accumulating experience points (EXP) and defeating other hollows.

2. Evolve into an Adjuchas: Keep grinding and defeating hollows to accumulate EXP. As you progress, you will eventually evolve into the Adjuchas form. The eyes of the Adjuchas will turn pink, indicating that you have reached this stage.

3. Collect Mask Cracks: Once you have become an Adjuchas, your next step is to collect 80 Mask cracks. Look for NPC Adjuchas within the game or engage in battles with other players to gather the necessary number of cracks.

4. Defeat the Boss: After collecting the 80 Mask cracks, prepare yourself to face the boss. This boss battle will test your skills and determination. Strategize your attacks, utilize your acquired abilities, and work with your allies to defeat the boss and claim victory.

5. Attain Vasto Lorde Form: Upon successfully defeating the boss, you will be rewarded with the Vasto Lorde form. Embrace the power and abilities of the Vasto Lorde, as you have now reached the highest form in the Hollow progression.

Remember that becoming a Vasto Lorde in “Type Soul” requires dedication, persistence, and skill. Focus on leveling up and accumulating EXP, engage in battles with hollows and other players, and work towards achieving the required Mask cracks. Through strategic gameplay and continuous progression, you can attain the formidable Vasto Lorde form and become a force to be reckoned with in the game.

Type Soul Vasto Lorde (Vastocar): Things To Know

There are additional factors to consider when aiming to become a Type Soul Vasto Lorde. Here are some important details:

1. Mask Drops: Players have a 100% chance of dropping a mask if they already possess at least one mask. This means that if you have a mask, defeating other players will result in obtaining their mask. It’s a crucial step in collecting the required Mask cracks for the Type Soul Vasto Lorde transformation.

2. NPC Mask Drops: NPCs (Non-Player Characters) also have a chance to drop masks when defeated. Engage in battles with NPCs throughout the game to increase your chances of acquiring additional masks.

3. Failing the Vasto Lorde Quest: It’s essential to note that failing the Vasto Lorde quest on the final stage will permanently remove your potential to obtain Vastocar. This means that it’s crucial to prepare yourself thoroughly and approach the final stage with caution and a well-planned strategy.

4. Untraditional Method for Vastocar as an Arrancar: By default, obtaining Vastocar as an Arrancar is not possible, as the traditional method requires completing the Vasto Lorde quest. However, if you have failed the Vasto Lorde quest, the option to obtain Vastocar through an untraditional method is disabled. This means that it is highly recommended to succeed in the Vasto Lorde quest if you aim to reach Vastocar as an Arrancar.

In your journey to become a Vasto Lorde, make sure to gather masks from other players and NPCs to fulfill the mask requirements. Remember that the Vasto Lorde quest is a challenging endeavor, and failing at the final stage will prevent you from obtaining Vastocar. Stay focused, plan your actions wisely, and strive for success to achieve the formidable Vasto Lorde form in “Type Soul.”

Type Soul Vasto Lorde (Vastocar): Introduction

Becoming a Vasto Lorde or Vastocar, the highest form in the Hollow Evolution table in the Roblox game “Type Soul,” is an aspiration for many players. However, it is important to understand that reaching Type Soul Vasto Lorde stage requires significant dedication and effort. Drawing inspiration from the popular anime and manga series Bleach, players will encounter various challenges and must be prepared to invest time and effort into their progression.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when aiming to become “Type Soul Vasto Lorde”:

1. Understanding the Hollow Evolution Table: Familiarize yourself with the Hollow Evolution table in the game. This table outlines the different stages of Hollow progression, with Vasto Lorde being the final form. Understand the requirements and milestones associated with each stage to plan your progression effectively. You can check the Hollow Progression guide here. Or the Arrancar guide here

2. Grinding and Persistence: Reaching the Vasto Lorde form will require extensive grinding. Be prepared to invest a significant amount of time and effort into defeating Hollows, consuming their souls, and accumulating experience points (EXP). Engage in battles, participate in missions, and continuously hunt down Hollows to steadily progress towards the Vasto Lorde stage.

3. Patience and Perseverance: As the highest form in the Hollow Evolution table, it is expected that the path to becoming a Vasto Lorde will be challenging. Patience and perseverance are key virtues to stay motivated throughout the grinding process. Understand that it will take time to accumulate enough EXP and meet the requirements for the Vasto Lorde form.

4. Efficient Hollow Hunting: Optimize your Hollow hunting strategies to maximize your progress. Focus on targeting higher-level Hollows that yield more experience points. Coordinate with other players, form alliances, or join groups to enhance your hunting efficiency and increase your chances of encountering stronger Hollows.

5. Unlocking Advanced Forms: Prioritize progressing through the different Hollow forms leading up to the Vasto Lorde. Each form, such as Fishbone, Menos, and Adjuchas, will grant you increased strength and abilities. Make sure to master each form and maximize your potential before attempting to reach the Vasto Lorde stage.

6. Utilizing Game Features and Skills: Take advantage of the various game features and skills available to aid your progression. Upgrade your abilities, unlock new skills, and strategically allocate skill points to enhance your combat effectiveness. Skills such as Flashstep and Hierro can significantly improve your performance in battles and expedite your grinding process.

7. Engaging with the Community: Interact with the “Type Soul” community to gain insights, share strategies, and receive guidance from experienced players. Join the official Discord server or participate in forums and discussions to stay updated on the latest tips, events, and developments related to the game.

8. Embracing the Journey: Remember that the journey towards becoming a Vasto Lorde is not just about reaching the destination but also about enjoying the process. Embrace the challenges, celebrate your progress, and engage with the immersive world of “Type Soul.” Explore the game’s features, engage in PvP battles, and immerse yourself in the rich lore and gameplay inspired by the Bleach series.

While becoming a Vasto Lorde in “Type Soul” may seem daunting, with dedication, persistence, and a strategic approach, you can progress through the Hollow Evolution table and achieve this coveted form. Stay focused, collaborate with other players, and keep honing your skills to become a formidable force as a Vasto Lorde in the world of “Type Soul.”

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