Guardian Tales Oghma: Mecha Warrior Oghma Overview

Guardian Tales Oghma overview: how good is Mecha Warrior Oghma in Guardian Tales? Find out in this Guardian Tales Oghma overview that showcases all sorts of information 

Guardian Tales Oghma

Guardian Tales Oghma⇓

Oghma is a 3-star grade dark element “tank” class character in Guardian Tales. Devs released an update today(October 6, 2020) and this new hero was one of the main highlights of the update! For the next 14 days, Oghma will be available in pickup hero summon.Guardian Tales Oghma

In this Guardian Tales Oghma overview, you will get to know about his strengths and skills. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content!

Guardian Tales Oghma Skills⇓

Oghma has two normal skills; the first one is “Heat Blade” – using it, Oghma inflicts damage to the enemies with the heat blade(melee). The second normal skill is “Tactical Shield” – using it, Oghma taunts enemies around + another effect is it increases the defense by 50% for x3 seconds.

Chain Skill: to unlock Oghma’s chain skill, you will need to awaken him first. The chain skill is “Multiple Rocket”. You can trigger it by putting the enemy into a “downed state”. For that, you can use the weapon skill that applies a downed effect to the enemies. His chain skill does two things: launches multiple rockets from a distance(ranged attack) to inflict damage on the enemy + decreases the enemy’s attack by 10% for x15 seconds. Guardian Tales Oghma

Special Ability: Oghma’s special ability unlocks when you make it to grade 5. The special ability is “Defense Regulator” – it enhances defense of the party units with lower defense than Oghma. Party units’ defense increases by 15% of difference b/w Oghma’s and their defense. It applies prior to the party effect. 

Guardian Tales Oghma Evaluation⇓

Oghma is similar to Craig, great as a tank unit, and would be a great fit in the team if you want to support the DPS characters with his defense abilities!

  • Overall Tier: #1
  • PvE: #1
  • PvP: #1
  • Colosseum: #1

Oghma’s EX Weapon⇓

Guardian Tales Oghma

Eckesachs is the EX weapon for Oghma that you can get from equipment gacha or mileage shop. 

  • Skills: Attack: 90% DPS, gives continuous pressure around enemies. Put enemies in a downed state. 
  • Main Options: Dark ATK: 782-859, Critical Hit Chance: 3%, HP: +12%, DEF: +8%, +3% Recovery on enemy kill. 
  • Exclusive to Oghma: returns part of inflicted damage to the attacker in proportion to Oghma’s defense. 

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  1. Marina can’t wield a shield but Oghma can. Oghma requires more resources to get a good shield, but he can be beefier than her.