Guardian Tales Karina: Vampire Girl Karina Overview

Guardian Tales Karina overview: find out how good is Vampire Girl Karina in Guardian Tales, about her strengths, skills, and more

Guardian Tales Karina

Guardian Tales Karina⇓

Karina has been in the game since the release. She is a 2-star grade dark element character in the game with some great knacks and the potential to be in the team. In this Guardian Tales Karina overview, you will get to know about her strengths, skills, evaluation, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and check out the main content of this post: –

Guardian Tales Karina

Guardian Tales Karina Skills⇓

Normal SKill: -Unlike Aoba and Favi who have two normal skills, Karina, on the other hand, has only one normal skill. But this one normal skill does two things; damage and passive healing. It’s named as Vampire Bat – with the normal attack, Karina summons the bats(from a distance) to inflict damage on the enemies and grant healing to all party members passively. 

Chain Skill: awaken Karina to unlock her chain skill; Bat Storm. You can activate it by putting enemies on the downed ailment. This chain skill also does two things; AoE DMG on the nearby enemies with the bats + restoring party members’ HP. 

Special Ability: Once Karina reaches grade 5, she will gain this great special ability called Immortality that recovers 40% HP immediately when her HP reaches 0. This ability has a 60 seconds cooldown. 

Guardian Tales Karina Stats⇓

  • Attack: 626
  • Critical Hit Chance: 3%
  • HP: 21, 125
  • Defense: 101
  • Damage Reduction: 18
  • Card Slot: x2
  • Basic Resistance: 30%
  • Light Resistance: – 30%

Karina Party Buffs⇓

1.) HP recovery on enemy elimination. 2.) +30% Dark ATK. If you are playing with the Dark element team, must add Karina. 

Guardian Tales Karina Exclusive Weapon: –

  • Crescent Moon: comes with a skill that puts enemies on the downed state(activates chain skill) + causes damage enemies around the allies and restores allies’ HP. 

How To Get Vampire Girl Karina?

You can get Karina for free by completing the Lost Girl Quest(1-6th stage). You can watch this video walkthrough to complete Lost Girl Quest and get Karina. 

Alternatively, Karina is available through gacha summon. 

How To Get Crescent Moon EX Weapon For Karina?

Guardian Tales Karina

You can get Crescent Moon weapon from the mileage shop in exchange for 300 mileage tickets or go for gacha and check out your luck!

Guardian Tales Karina Evaluation: –

Karina is among the top-tier units in PvE; especially in a dark team, thanks to her party buff. If you are running an earth team, go for Aoba. An alternative would be Favi. In PvP and Colosseum, she is not good. 

  • PvE: #1 Tier
  • PvP: #3 Tier
  • Colosseum: #3 Tier

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