LifeAfter Trading Guide: Earn Gold Bars By Selling Guns, Items

In LifeAfter game, the player can sell rare items and guns or armors through trading and earn gold bars. Check out this LifeAfter: trading guide & FAQ

LifeAfter Earning Gold Bars Through Trading⇓

Earning gold bars in LifeAfter game is quite easy. There are many ways to earn gold bars; trading is one of them. You can sell the rare guns and items in the trade city or central market’s trade stall. Many players sell rare items, rare guns, armors and earn a huge amount of gold bars. In today’s post, you will learn how to trade in LifeAfter game; sell items, crafted guns/armors, and much more. Let’s get started!

Central Market and Trade Zones

If you are in a camp, you can visit camps who won the bid to become trade cities. If you are not in camp, then you can trade in the central market. Camp – In 101 private town hall, go to the enter/exit point -> open(helicopter) -> trade zones -> visit any trade zone. After that, you will see many trade stalls. Visit anyone and choose to trade. Go to the sell tab and select the items that you want to sell. You will receive a notification once the item is published in the trade center.

Central Market – You can trade in the central market whether you have joined a camp or not. Go to the Hope 101 through helicopter and enter the town hall. Find the central market -> go inside and then go close to a trade stall. Choose to trade -> sell -> select the item that you want to sell -> choose the price and quantity. You will have to pay the booth fee and after the item sold, you get the gold bars(After deducting the tax).

LifeAfter – How To Sell Guns or Armors?

LifeAfter: Trade - Sell Gear and ItemsWell, you can not sell non-rare guns and opened guns. The same rule applies to the armors. What is an opened gear? When you craft a rare gear, it comes with a ribbon packaging. After claiming the rare gun/gear from the gear workstation, the game will put it in your backpack. Tap the backpack -> select the rare gun/gear -> it will show you the option to open it or not. If you open it, you will not be able to sell it. Keep it locked and then you can sell it in the trade market.

The Rare Gun or Armor!

LifeAfter: Trade - Sell Gear and ItemsIn LifeAfter game, rare gears are displayed with a diamond symbol and a ribbon packaging. On the other hand, if the item is not tradable, there would not be any diamond symbol. And, if you go for the sale, it will tell you (“this item can not be traded).

Example(Rare Gear) – LifeAfter: – How To Sell UZI?

This example will clear some confusion. We crafted UZI SMG almost 5-6 times and it did not come with a diamond symbol and a ribbon packaging. After that, we modified the UZI SMG formula/blueprint, then the problem got fixed and we got the rare UZI SMG.LifeAfter: Trade - Sell Gear and Items

In conclusion, we can say that one has to modify/upgrade the gear(gun/armor formula) and then it comes with the rare packaging label.

How Do I Modify The Formula/Blueprint?

LifeAfter: Trade - Sell Gear and ItemsUsing the formula research facility, you can forge/modify the gear. If you don’t have this facility or machine, you can craft it at 101 furniture store. After that, go close to it -> use -> formula modifications -> choose the UZI SMG -> select -> modify -> After scanning, you will see two formulas’ attributes; original and new. Compare the stats and choose the best one with higher stats. So this is how you can upgrade the gear’s formula.

Note – To modify the gear, you need R&D data. On the modification screen, you can check the modification cost. And, the result could be a failure too(drop in stats).

LifeAfter Selling Guns/Armors- Make It Pure!

If you are still getting the non-rare gear even after crafting with upgraded formula, make sure to craft it with pure materials. Don’t use your friend’s resources or roommate resource and don’t buy from the store.

So this is the LifeAfter: the trading guide for the beginners. It is always advised to not sell valuable resources. Also, see –

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20 thoughts on “LifeAfter Trading Guide: Earn Gold Bars By Selling Guns, Items”

  1. This guy is a lie. No pure items needed to make and sell weapons. Only good enough score of the weapon or just a skin on it. Next time you steal basic wiki info and mix it with your own made up stories, do us a favor and hang yourself. You obviously don’t know jack about this game.

  2. OP Wtf are you talking about pure items? It needs a certain score level or unique skin so you could sell the weapon. Nothing to do with pure items / not bought from trade city. Also this guide is pure bullshit. Selling weapons isn’t even that profitable unless you have managed to get a good formula modification with devastate, bloodbath or even refined. Otherwise keep dreaming guys, your weapon wont be bought even after months. Do yourself a favor and don’t follow this guide. Keep selling workables (like steel pipes, pig iron, plastic, engineering plastic etc.) and other resources for your income. TRUST ME : Much faster and more profitable than selling weapons since low lvl accounts level up faster and get to use better weapons in a faster phase than your unique uzi would sell. Even at lvl 60 you’ll struggle to sell your KSG ( one of the best weapons in this game ) when you don’t have enough star-ups on it nor a skin. Who ever made this “tutorial” is obviously an autistic child trying to be a tutor while stealing the basic weapon making guide from Lifeafter wiki and pasting it here. just another wannabe nothing else.

  3. I want to make and sell my rare medical personnel armor but I will have to buy 10 leathers from trade city because I am not an armorer. Does buying those leathers and crafting the medical personnel make it untradable?

  4. I’m not getting that craft ribbon that says “unopened” even after I’ve modified my formula..its rare but open?!

  5. What is the trading cd time.. I biught steel pipe there is a mark on it when i click in it there was a note( trading cd time 2 days)

  6. How many +points is considered a rare gun? Because you won’t know unless you craft the gun and see the diamond on it. But what about before crafting and you’re looking at your blueprint wondering if it’s rare or not…

    I crafted a type 25 (modified once)
    Howitzer (modifies once)
    Competition now
    Spider carbon

    They all turned out to not be tradeable once I crafted it.

    • @CoolGuy Great, You have these weapons :D. You can simply visit the trade city and check the score of these guns that are sold by other players. Trade stall -> trade -> buy -> weapon -> tap the weapon -> see the score points on the right side. Howitzer – 500+120/90. Competition Bow – 350+80 or higher. Spider Bow – 500+120 or higher.

    • @Anonymous_Long Knife First, you need its formula. You get the long knife formula by fusing shards in r&d facility(FUSION V). You need steel, spring, beast blood, polymer coating, tactical fender to craft it. Also, you must be on combat mastery level 48.

  7. Hmm just wanted to know why the armor i sell is shown in transaction history and it said review in *time shown* did someone buy? Its expire? Can someone explain this to me
    \( ̄▽ ̄;) / thx

    • @Pundit If someone bought it, you will get gold bars within a day(I guess). For expensive items, it takes a long time.