Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build 2024 – CRK[Cookie Run Kingdom]

Read on for the Pumpkin Pie Cookie toppings build guide and find out the best toppings for Pumpkin Pie Cookie in the CRK[Cookie Run Kingdom] 2024. 

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build Cookie Run

This post covers the Pumpkin Pie Cookie toppings build in the Cookie Run Kingdom that you can use to get the most out of her. Toppings are equippable items, and all the Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom can equip up to five toppings. The three most used toppings in the game are Raspberry Toppings[increase DMG], Chocolate Toppings[reduce skill CD], and Almond Toppings[increase DMG resistance]. The two rarely used toppings in the game are Apple Jelly Toppings[increase CRIT] and Caramel Toppings[increase ATK SPD]. Let’s find out what type of toppings will be the best for Pumpkin Pie Cookie.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

Pumpkin Pie Cookie topping build;

  • X5 Searing Raspberry Toppings with DMG Resist Sub Stats(Full ATK Build with DMG Resist Sub Stats, more DMG)
  • X5 Solid Almond Toppings with CD or ATK Sub stats(Full Tank Build, Pompon, and Pumpkin Pie will last longer)
  • X3 Solid Almond Toppings + X2 Searing Raspberry(Balanced TANK/ATK Build)
  • X3 Searing Raspberry Toppings + X2 Solid Almond(Balanced ATK/Tank Build)

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build Explanation

Here’s a detailed explanation of the Cookie Run Kingdom Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build guide: The pompon that Pumpkin Pie Cookie summons acts as a tank in the team, while the Pumpkin Pie Cookie unit itself is fragile. We would recommend building Pumpkin Pie Cookie with Solid Almond Toppings so that survivability can be improved for both Pompon and Pumpkin Pie.

You can go with X3 Solid Almond Toppings and X2 Searing Raspberry Toppings for Pumpkin Pie Cookie – this topping build gives DMG Resistance and increases ATK. Or X5 Solid Almond Topping with ATK Sub Stats – this is a full tank build and will increase the survivability of Pompon and Pumpkin Pie Cookie.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie’s DMG is also good, if you want this cookie to inflict more DMG, then another alternative Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings build would be X5 Searing Raspberry with DMG resistance sub stats. For a balanced ATK/DMG Resist build, you can use 3 searing raspberry toppings and x2 solid almond toppings.

Some players prefer to use X3 Solid Almond and X2 Swift Choco Toppings. 

Also, see – 

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build: Skill Info⇓

Cookie Run Kingdom Pumpkin Pie Cookie

  • Class; Magic
  • Skill name; Pompon
  • Summons Pompon with 44.4% ATK, 188% DEF, 382.3 % HP
  • Healing Received; -70% for X3 Seconds
  • Pompon’s Strike ATK DMG: 170%
  • ATK SPD; +45% while Pompon is active

Cookie Run Kingdom Pumpkin Pie Cookie Skill Description; Pumpkin Pie Cookie’s Pompon grows to giant size, causing area DMG. For a given period of time, Giant Pompon INFLICTS MELEE AREA DMG to the maximum of x3 enemies and applies a non-stackable debuff, decreasing the amount of healing the enemies receive. While on the battlefield, Giant Pompon increases ATK SPD for all allied summoned creatures. 

Giant Pompon will be more resistant to interrupting effects while performing the first special attack. Also, Pumpkin Pie Cookie can use her decreased first cooldown to use the skill sooner. Pompon is resistant to certain interrupting effects. 

Summoned Creatures’ Resistant Effect Details; Taunt, Stun, Strike, Silence, Charm, and Skill Interruption. 

So this would be all in this post on Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build(Cookie Run Kingdom). 

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