Prophet Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Welcome to the Cookie Run Kingdom Prophet Cookie Toppings Build sharing the best toppings builds. 

Prophet Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Prophet Cookie Toppings Build

Prophet Cookie Toppings Build;

In our opinion, the best Prophet Cookie Toppings build are X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings or X5 Solid Almond Toppins, or a mix of both. (This unit unleashes skills based on the decimal figure of CRIT%. For instance: if the Crit% is 10.9% or 20.9%, or 30.9%, Prophet Cookie will unleash Frost Queen’s skill. We have shared the guide below listing all the skills). 

Prophet Cookie Toppings

  • .0 = Mala Sauce[i.e. 10.0%, 20.0%, 30.0%, and so on – CRIT%]
  • .1 = Mala Sauce[i.e. 10.1%, 20.1%, 30.1%, and so on – CRIT%]
  • .2 = Squid Ink[i.e. 10.2%, 20.2%, 30.2%, and so on – CRIT%]
  • .3 = Squid Ink[i.e. 10.3%, 20.3%, 30.3%, and so on – CRIT%]
  • .4 = Mango[i.e. 10.4%, 20.4%, 30.4%, and so on – CRIT%]
  • .5 = Mango[i.e. 10.5%, 20.5%, 30.5%, and so on – CRIT%]
  • .6 = Dark Choco[i.e. 10.6%, 20.6%, 30.6%, and so on – CRIT%]
  • .7 = Dark Choco[i.e. 10.7%, 20.7%, 30.7%, and so on – CRIT%]
  • .8 = Sea Fairy[i.e. 10.8%, 20.8%, 30.8%, and so on – CRIT%]
  • .9 = Frost Queen[i.e. 10.9%, 20.9%, 30.9%, and so on – CRIT%]


Prophet Cookie Toppings Build: Skill Info⇓

Prophet Cookie’s skill is “Seven Prophecies” Description:

Prophet Cookie delivers one out of seven prophecies. Upon invoking a prophecy, Prophet Cookie will heal an ally and amplify the buffs they receive. Additionally, an extra skill effect will be activated depending on the symbol of the prophecy, dealing DMG to the enemies and amplifying the debuffs they receive. The debuffs applied by the prophecies are weaker than those of the original skills. Some prophecies are weaker than those of the original skills. Some prophecies do not have any additional effects. You can lock the effect of the prophecy, guaranteeing a specific effect, by equipping Toppings. While Prophet Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Wandering around the Kingdom, Prophet Cookie will come up with Fortune Cookies every three days. Tap the FORTUNE Cookie to obtain a gift. The higher Prophet Cookie’s rank, the better gift. 

Prophet Cookie Toppings: Story⇓

This wizened Cookie is often called “Fortune Cookie” for his ability to know what’s coming before it happens. His Scroll of Prophecy tells him how he should run, giving him the confidence to jump and slide his way to victory, even if it isn’t always right. Some say the source of his foresight is his mysterious purple Crystal Ball, but in reality, it is his majestic beard!

Prophet Cookie Jelly.png There’s no telling what the future holds.

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How To Get Prophet Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom?

Prophet Cookie and its soulstones can be acquired from the gacha/summons in the Cookie Run Kingdom. 

  • Gacha, Watch the video; 

Is Prophet Cookie Good In Cookie Run Kingdom?

Is Prophet Cookie good? It’s too early to say whether Prophet Cookie is good or not. Head to this CRK tier list for tier ratings of all the cookies. 

Prophet Cookie Wiki⇓

  • Support
  • Announce Date: January 3rd, 2023
  • Release Date: January 5th, 2023
  • Epic Rarity

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