Cream Puff Cookie Toppings Build | Cookie Run Kingdom

Read on for the Cream Puff Cookie toppings build guide; what types of toppings will be perfect for Cream Puff? 

Cream Puff Cookie Toppings Build Cookie Run Kingdom (1)

Cream Puff Cookie Toppings Build | Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Swift Chocolate Toppings
  • Juicy Jelly Toppings

In our opinion, the best toppings for Cream Puff in the Cookie Run Kingdom are Swift Chocolate Toppings and Juicy Jelly Toppings to reduce the Cream Puff Cookie’s skill CD and increase the CRIT. You can go with the full CD build consisting of 5 swift chocolate toppings or a hybrid build consisting of 3 swift chocolate toppings and 2 juicy jelly toppings. You can also go with the full CRIT build; X5 Juicy Jelly Toppings. 

  • Name: Cream Puff Cookie
  • Toppings: Swift Chocolate Toppings or Juicy Jelly Toppings
  • Type: Support
  • Rear
  • Rarity: Epic(from leak)
  • Release Date: March 5th, 2021

Cream Puff Cookie Toppings Build: Skill Details

Cream Puff Cookie’s skill description[Magic Candy]: 

Cream Puff Cookie learned a couple of new tricks with extra cream! Upon using her skill, she will grant ATK Up buffs relative to her own CRIT% as of before the start of the battle to all of her allies. Every time she manages to cast a Successful Spell, Cream Puff Cookie earns a stack of Cream Buff. 

Cream Buff will enhance her skill and increase DMG Resist. 

  • With the introduction of Cream Puff Cookie’s Magic Candy, certain stats of Cream Puff Cookie will be adjusted in order to full utilize the effects of the Magic Candy. 
  • DEF: Increased by 8%
  • HP: Increased by 8.5%
  • Successful Spell Single Hit DMG: ATK % + CRIT DMG %
  • Successful Spell Healing: ATK % + CRIT DMG%

Cream Puff Cookie Story

Sweet Cream Puff Cookie makes you feel delighted just by looking at her. Made of soft and delicate cream puff, this cookie is as fragile as can be. Something always makes you worry about her, but it’s certain that great power sleeps within her. Cream Puff Cookie used to study magic on her own, but now she is a graduate of a prestigious Magic Academy! Will Cream Puff Cookie be able to become a famous wizard? Let’s find out!

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