Mint Choco Cookie Toppings Build(Cookie Run Kingdom)

Our Mint Choco Cookie Toppings build features the best toppings for Mint Choco Cookie? Read on for Mint Choco Cookie Build for Toppings!

Mint Choco Cookie Toppings Build

Mint Choco Cookie Toppings Build⇓

Mint Choco Cookie build for toppings;

  • X5 Swift Chocolate Topping(Recommended)
  • X5 Sweet Candy Topping

The best Mint Choco Cookie Toppings build set(Epic, Rear, Support) in the Cookie Run Kingdom would be X5 Swift Chocolate Topping build set, which reduces the skill CD, allowing Mint Choco to cast it quickly. The skill increases the ATK SPD and restores the HP of allies. If you are using Mint Choco as your main healer or supporter, it would be better to use this topping build as it will help Mint Choco to cast his skill quickly. 

Thanks to this build, Mint Choco will be able to provide ATK SPD and healing quickly during the battle. 

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Mint Choco Cookie Toppings Build: Skill Info⇓

  • Mint Choco restores some HP and increases the Attack Speed of the squad with a sublime melody.
  • X16 second CD / Cooldown
  • Healing: 95.0% of ATK (+1.3% per level)
  • +40.0% ATK SPD for 7.0 sec

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Mint Choco Cookie Toppings: Story⇓

His exquisite performance and dashing looks make him a favorite among the Cookies. His Mint Candy Violin gives off a sweet enchanting candy aroma while he plays. Though often called a genius, he refuses to let all this attention go to his head and never forgets his long years as a humble street performer

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