Espresso Cookie Toppings Build(Cookie Run Kingdom)

Our Espresso Cookie Toppings build features the best toppings for Espresso Cookie? Read on for Espresso Cookie Build for Toppings!

Espresso Cookie Toppings Build

Espresso Cookie Toppings Build

Espresso Cookie build for toppings;

  • X5 Searing Raspberry Topping(Recommended)
  • X5 Swift Chocolate Topping

The best Espresso Cookie Toppings build would be X5 Searing Raspberry with CD substats. X5 Searing Raspberry Cookie toppings to Espresso will increase the ATK DMG output and would be the perfect set if you need more DMG from Espresso cookie. Another Espresso Cookie Toppings build set would be Swift Chocolate Toppings with ATK DMG sub stats; this build is although not recommended, but you can try and see if it works for you. 

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Espresso Cookie Toppings Build: Skill Info⇓

  • Espresso cookie inflicts serial AoE damage to enemies and pulls them to its center. The final burst of damage interrupts abilities.
  • Class; Magic
  • Position; Middle

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Espresso Cookie Toppings: Story⇓

Precise temperature, precise quantity of coffee beans, precise roasting time! Everything must be in an impeccably precise order for the plan to work. Always busy, always on the go—such is the lifestyle of the founder of the Coffee Magic school, Espresso Cookie. Despite being frequently mistaken for a black mage (yes, sometimes things burn and smoke), Espresso Cookie can’t afford to waste a precious second on meaningless explanations. Night after night, this pioneer of magic works on perfecting his grind and brew. “Isn’t that too much coffee?” one might wonder. Well, at least there’s always the delightful coffee fragrance in the air!

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