Peroxide Bankai Moves: List of all Bankai Moves

Read on for Peroxide Bankai Moves: List of all Bankai Moves.

Peroxide Bankai Moves List of all Bankai Moves
Peroxide Bankai Moves List of all Bankai Moves

Peroxide Bankai Moves: List of all Bankai Moves

There is a variety of Bankai Moves available for the Soul Reaper race in the Peroxide game. Let’s have a look at the available Peroxide Bankai Moves:

Peroxide Bankai Moves: List of all Common Bankai Moves

Explosion Bankai

  • Passives:

– The Explosion’s passive effect generates 5 descending detonation wisps when initiating or concluding a flashstep. It transforms the player’s counter into an upward tilt, and triggers an explosion after colliding with a wall, causing additional damage.

  • Move 1: Blast Overdrive

“Kindle your compromised form to vanquish adversaries.”
This ability functions as a mode that offers minor enhancements to the player, restoring their health and reviving them in case they are incapacitated.

Wind Bankai

  • Passives:

– The Wind’s passive enhancement augments the player’s damage output during aerial combos and grants the ability to perform a double jump.

  • Move 1: Heavenly Wind Combo

“Harvest the utmost potential of the wind’s might, sending your foe sailing with your strikes.”

The potency of this move is influenced by both your Strength and Spirit attributes.

Peroxide Bankai Moves: List of all Rare Bankai Moves

The Gravity Element

  • Passives:

– The user benefits from reduced gravity regardless of their location, extending beyond the confines of the Gravity Field. Additionally, an asteroid belt orbits around the user, dealing damage to anyone in proximity.

  • Move 1: Doomsday

“Rupture the confines of your gravity field, birthing a black hole. Then, harness the power of the void, encasing the black hole with nearby rocks, and subsequently launching it to your chosen destination. This ability is exclusively operational within your Gravity Field.”

The effectiveness of this move corresponds to your Spirit attribute.

Fire Bankai

  • Passives:

– The Fire’s passive trait spontaneously spawns Explosive skeletons near the user, with a brief cooldown between each occurrence. This passive also inflicts amplified damage to targets currently aflame, while each hit triggers a fire effect.

  • Move 1: Ocean of Fire

“Evoke an immense fire tornado that conjures forth skeletons, detonating and annihilating your adversaries.”

The power of this ability is governed by your Spirit attribute.

Clone Bankai

  • Passives:

– The Clone’s passive enhancement augments the production of clones from False Clones, generating 4 instead of the usual 2.

  • Move 1: Perfect Clone

“Conjure the flawless duplicate to aid you in battling your adversaries.”

This ability summons an identical clone of your opponent to join you in combat.

Peroxide Bankai Moves: List of all Legendary Bankai Moves

Lightning Bankai

  • Passives:

– The Lightning’s passive feature induces lightning strikes at both the commencement and conclusion of a flash step.

  • Move 1: One Thousand Birds

“Seize your opponent and impale them with the might of thunder.”

The effectiveness of this move is influenced by your Strength attribute and inflicts greater damage as the opponent’s health diminishes.

Glacier Bankai

  • Passives:

– The Glacier’s passive component imparts an ice-based deceleration effect to all Glacier-inflicted hits. Moreover, the user freezes the ground beneath them, impeding the movement of enemies treading upon it.

  • Move 1: Four World Freeze

“Craft a colossal ice sphere of planetary proportions and encase your adversaries within.”

The potency of this ability is influenced by your Spirit attribute.

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