How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide?[December 2023]

Read on for How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide?

How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide
How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide

How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide?

There are multiple ways to reroll clan in Peroxide; spend the Robuxs. It costs 100 Robux to reroll clan one time in Peroxide. Another way to reroll clan is by using the product essence. If you have product essence, go to Kisuke and tell him you want to use product essence and then select the General tab and choose to reroll for the clan. 

How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide Using Product Essence?

Visit Kisuke[See Kisuke location guide here]. Long press the E key to interact with him and choose to spend product essences. Select the general tab. Select the amount of product essence you would like to spend. One product essence gives you one clan reroll. Once you have got it, press the R$ button in the top-left corner and click on the Clan Reroll button; you will see the number of clans rerolls without spending Robux in the yellow brackets. You can use these Peroxide codes to get free product essences

How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide
How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide

How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide Using Robux?

To reroll clan in Peroxide, you need 100 R$ Robux. Click on the green color R$ button at the top-left corner of the game screen. Click on clan reroll. Below the clan reroll button, you will see the list of clans that you can obtain through rerolling. Clans are based on the race you have picked; Quincy, Soul Reaper, and Hollow – each race has a unique set of clans. You can see Peroxide clans buffs here and check the clan tier list here

How To Reroll Clan For Free In Peroxide?

The only way to reroll clan for free in Peroxide is through codes; wait for the developers to release a code that grants clan reroll. You can find the updated list of Peroxide codes here. 

So that covers How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide. 

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