Peroxide Items Guide: How To Obtain And Use Items?

Read on for Roblox Peroxide Items Guide: How To Obtain And Use Items?

Peroxide Items Guide How To Obtain And Use Items
Peroxide Items Guide How To Obtain And Use Items

Roblox Peroxide Items

Here’s the list of Roblox Peroxide Items:

  • Bounty Medallion
  • Time Remnant
  • Impure Hogyoku
  • Strange Ore
  • Visor Lens
  • Gatling Barrel
  • Reactor battery
  • Spiritvial
  • Stainpaper
  • Soul Gourd
  • Time Relic
  • Dojo Membership
  • Shawarma
  • Ramen
  • Nachos
  • Milk
  • Cake
  • Broken Shinigami Badge
  • Soul Drink
  • Hyper Soul Drink
  • Product Essence

Bounty Medallion

  • How to obtain Bounty Medallion: Buy from the general’s shop in exchange for 150 bucks.  
  • Use: The Bounty Medallion is a tool Quincies rely on to kickstart the Hunt, chasing after foes of the Wandenreich like Soul Reapers or Hollow players. This endeavor earns them experience points. Yet, in the event the pursuer falls short, their intended victim gains the spoils of experience instead. Moreover, this item serves the purpose of attaining a Schrift.

Time Remnant

  • How to obtain Time Remnant: Invasion, Time Gate, Incursion Raid
  • Use: When you redeem this, a menu will pop up, giving you the option to pick between an Impure Hogyoku, 20 Product Essences, or a random Godly accessory.

Impure Hogyoku

  • How to obtain Impure Hogyoku:  Time Remnant Drop
  • Use: To obtain Vizard when you are maxed out as Soul Reaper

Strange Ore

  • How to obtain Strange Ore: Invasion, Time Gate 
  • Use: Obtain a special Schrift weapon as Quincy. Bring it to Johan NPC, and he will do the job for you. 

Visor Lens

  • How to obtain Visor Lens: Game Events drop 
  • Use: to unlock Visor Cybernetic[Go to Johan NPC as a Quincy after obtaining it]

Gatling Barrel

  • How to obtain Gatling Barrel: Game Events Drop 
  • Use: to unlock Minigun Cybernetic[Go to Johan NPC as a Quincy after obtaining it]

Reactor battery

  • How to obtain Reactor battery: Game Events Drop
  • Use: to unlock Heart Cybernetic[Go to Johan NPC as a Quincy after obtaining it]


  • How to obtain Spiritvial: Buy from Jim’s Little Shop and Ben’s Shack 
  • Use: Both individuals with a Negative Reputation and those with a Positive Reputation have the ability to utilize the Spiritvial. This item enables the hunting of individuals bearing a Negative Reputation. Once filled, you can hand it over to Jim or Ben, the NPCs, to receive yen and either decrease or enhance your Reputation. The rewards become more substantial as the extremity of your Reputation increases. For those with a Negative Reputation, this leads to a decrease in reputation, while individuals with a Positive Reputation experience an elevation in their reputation.


  • How to obtain Stainpaper: Buy from Jim’s Little Shop
  • Use: Stainpaper is exclusive to individuals with a Negative Reputation. This tool grants you the ability to pursue individuals bearing a Positive Reputation. After filling it up, you can submit it to Jim, one of the NPCs, to receive yen and further diminish your Reputation. The rewards become more substantial as your Reputation becomes more extreme.

Soul Gourd

Once you’ve amassed a specific count of hollow kills, the Gourd will undergo a transformation, turning green. At this point, you have the option to visit Kisuke’s House, a designated location, and present the Gourd to Kisuke, one of the NPCs.

Alternatively, you can also offer the Soul Gourd to Gunther, another NPC, in exchange for Wandenreich Reputation.

For your efforts, you can opt for ONE of the following rewards:

1. 140 yen
2. An increase of 40 Soul Society reputation points
3. Experience points allocated towards enhancing a specific stat of your preference.

Time Relic

  • How to obtain Time Relic: Time Bubble Raid 
  • Use: If you manage to gather ten of them, you have the option to hand them over to the enigmatic Shady Shinigami, one of the NPCs. In return, you’ll receive a random Reiatsu Gem.

Dojo Membership

These cards are available for purchase at either $50 or $250 each. They grant you access to training within their respective dojos for a duration of 200 seconds. However, they are lost upon death and cannot be retained.


  • How to obtain Shawarma: Shawarma Shop, 5 bucks
  • Use: Food


  • How to obtain Ramen: Soul Society, 20 bucks 
  • Use: Food


  • How to obtain Nachos: The Alley Location, 30 Yen 
  • Use: Provides a 30% boost to reiatsu/health regen.


  • How to obtain Milk: Shawarma Shop, 25 bucks
  • Use: Gives a 30% buff to your Health Regen


  • How to obtain Cake: General’s Shop, 20 Bucks 
  • Use: Food

Broken Shinigami Badge

  • How to Obtain Broken Shinigami Badge: Eliminate killing Rogue Soul Reapers. Rukon Location. 
  • Use: Exchange for rewards at Captain Tojo[NPC]

Soul Drink

How to obtain Soul Drink: Kisuke House, Soul Societ Front, 10 bucks 

  • Use: Boosts EXP gain for 3 minutes, 30%

Hyper Soul Drink

  • How to obtain Hyper Soul Drink: Invasion 
  • Use: Provides a major experience gain buff but drains the stomach.

Product Essence

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