Peroxide Bankai Guide: How To Obtain Bankai & Defeat Bankai Boss?

Read on for Peroxide Bankai Guide: How To Obtain Bankai & Defeat Bankai Boss?

Peroxide Bankai Guide: How To Obtain Bankai & Defeat Bankai Boss?
Peroxide Bankai Guide: How To Obtain Bankai & Defeat Bankai Boss?

Peroxide Bankai Guide: How To Obtain Bankai?

You must be a soul reaper to obtain Bankai. 

To unlock your Bankai form in Peroxide, you must once again defeat your Inner Spirit, a more challenging endeavor this time around. Here are the prerequisites for engaging in this battle and attaining Bankai:

  • 1. Attain Level 85.
  • 2. Accumulate 420 “Points,” which become available only after reaching level 85.
  • 3. Obtain points through different means: Completing a Time Gate awards 75 points. Time Bubbles (Bosses) grant 1 point for each percentage of boss health you damage. Defeating a Storm Vastocar rewards 10 points if you contribute the majority of the damage (at least 60%).

Once you meet all these prerequisites, initiate the process by pressing ‘N’ and engaging in meditation to converse with your Inner Spirit. Following this, you’ll engage in a battle and need to emerge victorious against your Bankai Boss.

Peroxide Bankai Guide: How To Activate Bankai?

Upon equipping your Shikai, activate your Bankai by pressing the ‘G’ key once the gauge on the right side is entirely filled. Bankai mode comes with a time limit, starting at 33 seconds and extending up to 190 seconds at its maximum. You can enhance this mode’s duration by diligently training it, which involves utilizing it frequently or engaging in sparring sessions with your Bankai spirit within your Inner World.

Upon defeating the Bankai Boss, you’ll immediately gain access to Bankai moves. Furthermore, you can upgrade these moves by employing your Bankai extensively or practicing with your Inner Spirit through sparring sessions.

Bankai Mode Benefits:
When in Bankai mode, your character’s base stats receive significant enhancements:
– Strength is boosted by 20% (1.2x).
– Spirit is amplified by 30% (1.3x).
– Vitality receives a 25% increase (1.25x).

Peroxide Bankai: Bankai Boss

Upon reaching the milestone of level 85 and triggering it by pressing the ‘N’ key, you gain entry to your Inner World – a realm within your consciousness where direct communication with your Zanpakuto becomes possible. Your Zanpakuto, after indicating its readiness, provides you with the opportunity to finally unveil its true essence. This revelation marks the commencement of an intense boss battle.

In Phase 1, a unique scenario unfolds where your sword is temporarily taken from you, and a variety of swords descend from the heavens. In a desperate attempt to locate your authentic weapon, you inadvertently shatter seven decoy swords before ultimately identifying the genuine one. This achievement signifies the transition into Phase 2.

Phase 2 involves an unrelenting showdown between you and your Inner Spirit. Your Inner Spirit unleashes its Bankai, harnessing a barrage of formidable attacks. Exercise caution, as this encounter may prove to be one of the most formidable battles you’ve ever encountered.

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