Peroxide Shikai Moves List & Drop Rates

Read on for Peroxide Shikai Moves List & Drop Rates.

Peroxide Shikai Moves List & Drop Rates
Peroxide Shikai Moves List & Drop Rates

Peroxide Shikai Moves List & Drop Rates

Roblox Peroxide features a variety of Shikai moves that you can obtain as a Soul Reaper. If you don’t know how to get Shikai, then read this Peroxide Shikai guide for details. In this article, we have listed all the Shikai Moves that are currently available in Roblox Peroxide. You can check the Shikai tier list here

Peroxide Shikai Moves: Who Can Use Shikai?

Shikai Moves can only be used by Soul Reaper. You will need 100 Robux to reroll Shikai. 

Peroxide Shikai Moves: Rarities

  • Common: High Drop Rate
  • Rare: Low Drop Rate
  • Legendary: Very Low Drop Rate

Peroxide Shikai Moves: List of Common Rarity Shikai Moves

Explosion Shikai Move

  • Move 1: Detonation Wisps

“Infuse your explosive reiatsu into concentrated wisps that surge forth from your palm. Upon contact, these dense wisps erupt into detonations.”

This maneuver’s potency is connected to your Spirit attribute.

  • Move 2: Impact Point

“Refine your explosive reiatsu and channel it into your blade’s thrust. Anyone you strike becomes marked with this reiatsu, gradually counting down to their eventual demise.”

The initial strike’s strength is influenced by both your Strength and Spirit attributes.

  • Move 3: Bomb Jump

“Distribute your reiatsu across the ground in your proximity, igniting a fierce explosion that propels you and those nearby into the air.”

The range of this move expands with mastery. Its efficacy is tied to your Spirit attribute.

Wind Shikai Move

  • Move 1: Triple Gale

“Envelop your blade in swirling winds and execute three consecutive advances, each accompanied by a devastating slash.”

This technique’s effectiveness derives from both your Strength and Spirit attributes.

  • Move 2: Tailwind

“Condense the air around you into a miniature storm, absorbing the kinetic force of incoming attacks before unleashing it back at the aggressor.”

Functioning as a counter, this ability’s strength corresponds to the energy of the attack directed towards you. Its duration extends with higher mastery.

  • Move 3: Tornado Stomp

“Empower your feet with the might of the wind, ascending before delivering a forceful ground-shattering blow that triggers a fierce cyclone.”

The potential of this move is determined by both your Strength and Spirit attributes.

Peroxide Shikai Moves: List of Rare Rarity Shikai Moves

Gravity Shikai Move

  • Move 1: Gravity Field

“Manifest a gravitational field encircling you, causing you to experience reduced weight while others feel a heightened heaviness. If employed within your existing gravity field, a second use will elevate everyone upwards, potentially colliding them with airborne rocks.”

This ability’s damage output increases in accordance with your Spirit attribute, while the field’s dimensions expand in sync with your Move Mastery.

  • Move 2: Rock Scatter

“Within your established gravity field, trigger the emergence of floating rocks from the ground. These rocks remain suspended until either another move is enacted or the ability is cast again. This move exhibits distinct behaviors based on the subsequent action taken. Beyond the gravity field, it generates a ground-originating rock that subsequently splits apart, slashing those positioned ahead.”

This maneuver’s potency is linked to your Spirit attribute.

  • Move 3: Orbital Pull

“When used inside your gravity field, draw in all rocks previously generated by Rock Scatter and attract individuals towards the center. When enacted outside the gravity field, a magnetic field is created, pushing away nearby individuals.”

The effectiveness of this move aligns with your Spirit attribute.

Fire Shikai Move

  • Move 1: Fire Slash

“Channel the fiery inferno within you down your blade, executing a spinning slash. This motion sends both you and your adversaries soaring upwards, culminating in a forceful impact as you drive them back into the ground.”

This ability’s effectiveness is contingent on your Strength attribute.

  • Move 2: Fire Pillars

“Harness the essence of your internal flames, crashing them into the earth to ignite a sequence of towering fire eruptions ahead of you. Upon utilizing another Fire Shikai skill, you are instantaneously relocated next to your opponent, ensuring a well-aimed strike.”

This move’s potency corresponds to your Spirit attribute.

  • Move 3: Will Of Fire

“Enshroud your body in the blazing essence of your inner fire, propelling forward in a blazing dash that leaves destruction in its wake.”

The power of this move is influenced by both your Strength and Spirit attributes.

Clone Shikai Move

  • Move 1: False Clones

“Delve into our mirrored existence and manifest our reflection’s presence. Summon two of our mirrored counterparts to join the battle.”

The longevity of these clones is tied to your Spirit attribute.

  • Move 2: Mirror Inverse

“Thrust through the fabric of our mirror world, instantaneously switching positions with one of our reflections.”

The range of this move extends further with higher mastery. It enables the player to swap places with their clone.

  • Move 3: Emulate Clones

“Penetrate the mirror world within and seize control over our reflections, compelling them to replicate our most recent attack.”

The effectiveness of this move varies based on the attack that the clones imitate.

In this particular instance, the Clones Emulated the Move “Hado 90” (Black Box) and struck me with it.

Peroxide Shikai Moves: List of Legendary Rarity Shikai Moves

Lightning Shikai

Move 1: Storm Waltz
Channel the power of the oncoming storm through your feet, executing a lethal dance of slashes that encircle you with devastation.

Move 2: Thunderfall Descent
Envelop yourself in the advancing tempest, launching skyward like a lightning-laden meteor before descending upon your adversaries with the force of thunder. Using another Lightning Shikai technique instantly transports you beside your foe, ensuring a precise strike. At maximum mastery, the move boasts automatic targeting.

Move 3: Storm’s Embrace
Draw the relentless storm closer to your being, melding with its electric essence to become a living embodiment of lightning itself.

This transformational ability enhances your capabilities moderately while inflicting damage equivalent to a percentage of your health over intervals. Additionally, it grants teleportation to your basic attacks (limited to the initial attack). Both the damage and teleportation amplify with your Strength and Spirit attributes.

Glacier Shikai

Move 1: Frostbite Fang Strike
Unleash a penetrating projectile that shatters your opponent’s defenses, sending them reeling back, only to deliver a coup de grâce with the vengeful spirits of the fallen. The mastery of this technique enhances its potency, resulting in greater damage dealt. The effectiveness of this move grows in accordance with your Spirit attribute.

Move 2: Frostfire Abyssal Havoc
Drive your weapon into the ground, causing a barrage of ice spikes to erupt, forcing adversaries away. Envelop the vicinity with a hazardous wintry expanse, dealing gradual damage to foes ensnared within. Achieving complete mastery of this maneuver summons orbiting swords to aid your cause. The strength of this ability corresponds with your Spirit attribute.

Move 3: Echoes of the Frigid Moon
Summon a sepulcher at a distance, drawing unfortunate victims inexorably toward you. In the absence of a target, tormented spirits release a high-velocity arrow aimed at the wielder. Should you achieve mastery over this technique, the spectral arrow always materializes. The potential of this move aligns with your Spirit attribute.

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