Peroxide Arrancar Abilities [Kenjutsu Abilities]

Read on for Peroxide Arrancar Abilities [Kenjutsu Abilities].

Peroxide Arrancar Abilities [Kenjutsu Abilities]
Peroxide Arrancar Abilities [Kenjutsu Abilities]

Peroxide Arrancar Abilities [Kenjutsu Abilities]

Arrancars and Soul Reapers in the Roblox Peroxide game can use a variety of Kenjutsu Abilities. These are the Kenjutsu abilities. If you are unfamiliar with this game’s mechanics, please refer to our Peroxide abilities guide.

Kenjutsu refers to the various sword techniques and abilities that practitioners, whether they are Arrancars or Soul Reapers, can utilize in combat. These abilities are focused on enhancing the wielder’s sword skills and proficiency, often combining physical prowess with spiritual energy to deliver powerful and versatile attacks. Kenjutsu abilities typically scale with the user’s strength attribute, making them particularly effective for characters who prioritize physical combat.

As these abilities are upgraded, their cooldowns are reduced, and their reiatsu costs are lowered. This allows users to use their Kenjutsu techniques more frequently and efficiently during battles. This progression system rewards players for investing in their sword skills and becoming more adept at wielding their weapons.

Kenjutsu abilities can vary widely in terms of their effects and mechanics. Some may focus on delivering devastating slashes, while others might incorporate elemental or spiritual effects to add extra layers of strategy to combat. The combination of swordplay and spiritual energy manipulation makes Kenjutsu a distinctive and engaging aspect of the combat system in the game.

Now let’s have a look at Peroxide Arrancar Abilities [Kenjutsu Abilities]: 

Peroxide Arrancar Abilities [Kenjutsu Abilities]: List of Abilities

Slash Barrage

“Slash Barrage” is a sword technique that allows the user to execute a sequence of three powerful slashes in rapid succession. This move is a dynamic offensive maneuver that can deal significant damage to opponents. What makes this ability unique is that it has a cooldown reduction mechanic tied to its execution.

When the user successfully lands the final hit of the “Slash Barrage” combo, a portion of the ability’s cooldown is reduced. This encourages skilled execution and rewards players for accurately timing and chaining their attacks. The cooldown reduction mechanic adds an additional layer of strategy and engagement to combat, as players strive to optimize their attacks to minimize downtime between using this powerful ability.

By incorporating mechanics like cooldown reduction upon successful execution, the game’s combat system becomes more dynamic and encourages players to master their abilities for more efficient and effective engagements with opponents.


“Cyclone” is a sword technique that creates a spinning motion, pulling enemies into the air and dealing damage. It offers both offensive power and battlefield control by disrupting enemies’ positions and enabling aerial combos.


“Lunge” is a powerful sword technique that involves building up force and then launching forward to deal heavy damage. It’s designed to break through enemy defenses by being capable of breaking blocks, making it an effective offensive option in combat.


“Impale” is a sword technique where you thrust your blade forward, impaling your opponent’s torso. Following the impale, you flip them and slam them onto the ground, inflicting damage and incapacitating them.

Flash Stamp

“Flash Stamp” is a powerful technique where you gather energy in an instant, then dash forward with incredible speed. Upon reaching your opponent, you slam into the ground with the accumulated momentum, creating a devastating shockwave that inflicts significant damage to your target.

Flash Draw

”Wind up power in a flash and spring forward, then, upon reaching your foe, you do a powerful slash, briefly stunning the opponent.” This move gets a bit more range if you have mastery you have on it.

Aerial Tandem

”Launch the opponent up in the air. Upon using any skill, you get teleported next to your opponent, allowing for a successful hit.”

Having mastery of this move increases the duration at which you’re able to teleport to the person you hit by a tiny amount. 

Scatter Image

”A move that can be used while stunned, you will quickly scatter around, becoming invincible and gaining speed for 1 second.” The clones last longer if the player has mastery of this move.

Counter Strike

”The user takes on a defensive stance, ready to slash back at anyone who dares try to attack them.” This move deals more damage if you have mastery of it. 

Battle Instinct

”Harmonize your reiatsu with your battle instinct, causing your reiatsu to increase whenever striking someone.” This move buffs the damage of spirit moves if you have mastery of it.

Flash Mirage

”A move that can be used while stunned, you will leave by a fake afterimage of yourself while your true self will stay invisible”. The clone lasts longer if the player has mastery on this move.

Flawless Pierce

“Skim past your enemies and slice so fast that it appears in an instant of rapid slashes”.

Reiatsu Burst

“Overflow your body with Reiatsu and then release it all at once in a struggle, use only when you need to escape.”

So that covers Peroxide Arrancar Abilities [Kenjutsu Abilities]. 

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