Peroxide Hollow Abilities

Read on for Peroxide Hollow Abilities.

Peroxide Hollow Abilities
Peroxide Hollow Abilities

Peroxide Hollow Abilities

Hollows in the Roblox Peroxide game can use a variety of skills/abilities. These are the Hollow abilities. If you are unfamiliar with this game’s mechanics, please refer to our Peroxide abilities guide.

Hollow Abilities are exclusive skills utilized by both Hollows and Arrancars. Not all Hollow abilities are accessible to Arrancars, and vice versa. As these abilities are honed, their cooldown periods decrease while their reiatsu consumption diminishes.

Now let’s have a look at Peroxide Hollow Abilities: 

Peroxide Hollow Abilities: List of Hollow Abilities


Garganta is a dimensional portal ability with variations according to the type of Hollow you are. Initiating M1 with Garganta conjures a portal leading to Hueco Mundo. Conversely, pressing M2 on the Garganta creates a gateway to the Menos Forest.


Bala is a condensed, quicker variant of a Cero attack, taking on the form of a ball. Although it lacks the power of a Cero, it compensates with higher speed. For every individual struck by Bala, its cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds. Advanced Vasto Lordes can also acquire mastery of this move.

Lanza Del Relampago

Lanza Del Relampago is a potent ability that enables the user to forge a spear-like weapon from their reiatsu. Once hurled, the javelin generates a tremendously destructive explosion upon contact, surpassing even the colossal size of Las Noches. This skill is exclusive to those of the Cifer clan.

Cero Metralleta

Cero Metralleta is a powerful technique that members of the Starrk clan can utilize. By charging multiple Cero blasts simultaneously and then unleashing them in rapid succession, the user creates a barrage of energy projectiles that rain down upon their opponent. This ability becomes even more potent with mastery, resulting in increased damage output.

Gran Rey Cero

Gran Rey Cero is a potent and desperate technique that members of the Jaegerjaquez clan can employ. This immensely powerful Cero is formed by channeling and releasing a substantial amount of the user’s own life force. The result is a devastating energy blast that surpasses the strength of a regular Cero. The Jaegerjaquez clan’s unique lineage and mastery of this technique allow them to harness its full destructive potential.


Cero is a signature energy attack used by Hollows and Arrancars. By concentrating and releasing a potent beam of reiatsu from their mouths, the user creates a devastating and destructive attack that can cause severe damage to anything in its path. The power and intensity of a Cero can vary depending on the user’s strength and mastery of the technique. It’s a highly versatile and formidable ability in the arsenal of Hollows and Arrancars.

Hollow Charge

Hollow Charge is a powerful charging attack utilized by Hollows and Arrancars. The user channels their rage and energy into a forceful charge, causing significant damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be in its path. Additionally, if the charge collides with a wall, it generates a shockwave that can harm nearby opponents. This ability is a testament to the raw strength and ferocity of Hollows and Arrancars, making it a formidable attack in close-quarters combat.

Acid Spit

Acid Spit: Expel corrosive acid from your mouth, damaging and potentially stunning your target. Mastery increases range and inflicts poison damage.


Hierro: Strengthen your body like steel, reducing damage from slashing attacks. This ability grants damage reduction and can be learned by high-level Vasto Lordes.

Lord’s Roar

Lord’s Roar: Unleash a powerful roar to instill fear in your opponents. Requires being a Vasto Lorde.

Cero Oscuras

Cero Oscuras: Unleash a larger and more destructive cero that forms at the tip of your finger, dealing increased damage. Requires being a Vasto Lorde or Vastocar.


Secuases: Emit your reiatsu as bait, luring in hollows and then exert your superior will to take command of them. Requires being a Vasto Lorde.

High-Speed Regeneration

High-Speed Regeneration: Trigger hyper regeneration by breaking down dead cells within your body, at the cost of Reiatsu.

Kick Flurry

Kick Flurry: Strike the enemy and unleash a series of lightning-fast kicks with impeccable speed. Exclusive to Arrancars and Vasto Lordes.

Agarre Cero

Agarre Cero: Execute a swift jab followed by an immediate Cero blast aimed at the struck opponent.

Acidic Touch

Acidic Touch: Envelop your arms in corrosive acid, infusing all melee attacks with an additional poison effect.

Requirements: Normal Hollow/Adjuchas

Skyward Plummet

Skyward Plummet: Launch yourself towards your enemy, grabbing them in the process. Perform a mid-air spin and slam them into the ground upon reaching the peak of the jump.

Volcan Cero

Volcan Cero: Channel your reiatsu into your fists and drive them into the ground, sending a surge of energy through the earth. This energy erupts as a powerful stream of Ceros beneath your opponent, catching them off guard and causing massive damage.

Requirements: Obtain through Ulquiorra Raid.

Raging Blows

Raging Blows: Unleash a rapid onslaught of punches directed toward your target, ending with a powerful jab that delivers a final blow.

Requirements: Usable by Normal Hollows and Adjuchas.

Flying Kick

Flying Kick: Build up energy and then launch yourself forward with a powerful knee strike, dealing devastating damage to anyone in your path.

Requirements: Usable by Normal Hollows and Adjuchas.

So that covers Peroxide Hollow Abilities. 

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