How To Obtain Schrift In Peroxide?

Read on for How To Obtain Schrift In Peroxide?

How To Obtain Schrift In Peroxide
How To Obtain Schrift In Peroxide

How To Obtain Schrift In Peroxide?

To obtain Schirft in Peroxide Roblox, first, become a Quincy by talking to Gunther NPC[Asr’s Cafe]. After that, reach level 15+ by doing quests or defeating enemies; grind EXP and level up. Once you are level 15+, find Yhwach[Who can be found sitting on his throne in the Castle of the Wandenreich].

After that, you need to finish the hunt by using the Bounty Medallion item and then talk to him again. 


Peroxide Schrift Guide: How To Get Bounty Medallion In Peroxide?

Players can buy Bounty Medallion from the general’s shop.  A shop that can be found in the Wandenreich. To find it, go left after entering the kingdom. You will need 150 bucks to buy Bounty Medallion. 100 bucks for Quincy Hat. 

Bounty Medallion from the general's shop
Bounty Medallion from the general’s shop

The Bounty Medallion is a peculiar contraption utilized by Quincies to initiate the Hunt, enabling them to track and pursue adversaries of the Wandenreich, be they Soul Reaper or Hollow PLAYERS. Engaging in this Hunt yields valuable experience points to the hunter. However, should the hunter’s endeavor prove unsuccessful, the intended target is instead granted the reward of experience points.

Furthermore, this enigmatic item serves a dual purpose, as it plays a pivotal role in the acquisition of a Schrift – a distinctive power bestowed upon select individuals within the Wandenreich.

Peroxide Schrift Guide: Getting Schrift

After obtaining the Bounty Medallion device, talk to Yhwach again, and you may receive Schrift from him[there is a 1/3 chance of getting Schrift].

Your next encounter with Yhwach is reserved for when you achieve the noteworthy milestone of reaching Level 90 or beyond as a Quincy. During this interaction, he imparts specific instructions designed to test and affirm your worthiness.

Upon receiving these instructions, your task entails ascending a sizable hill within the Wandenreich and penetrating the dwelling/house situated at its peak. There, an unforeseen and formidable challenge awaits[Vollstandig boss]. Should you emerge triumphant against these odds, your success will earn you the coveted ultimate power known as Vollstandig.

For Arrancars who have also reached Level 100 or above, engaging in a dialogue with Yhwach opens an alternate path. By doing so, you’re granted the opportunity to transition into a Quincy while retaining the affiliation of an Arrancar clan. This transformation, however, necessitates a positive reputation within the Wandenreich to accomplish.

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