Peroxide Vollstandig & Vollstandig Boss Guide

Read on for Peroxide Vollstandig & Vollstandig Boss Guide.

Peroxide Vollstandig & Vollstandig Boss Guide
Peroxide Vollstandig & Vollstandig Boss Guide

Peroxide Vollstandig: How To Obtain Vollstandig?

To obtain Vollstandig in Peroxide, players need to prove themselves to Quincy King Yhwach. First, become a Quincy by talking to Gunther and then talk to Yhwach and obtain Bounty Medallion from the general’s shop after reaching level 15+ and talk to him again and complete the hunt. After acquiring Schrift, you need to keep leveling up all the way to level 90 and obtain the 420 points, which can be acquired after level 85. 

Accomplishing a successful run through a Time Gate rewards you with 75 points. Engaging and overcoming Time Bubbles, which include powerful bosses, grants you 1 point for each percentage of the boss’s health you manage to deplete. In the case of Storm Vastocars, contributing the majority of the damage (at least 60%) to defeat them yields a reward of 10 points, accompanied by a distinct effect indicating your credit for the achievement.

Once you have 420 points and are at level 90 or higher, talk to Quincy King Yhwach. He will tell you the location of his minion, vollstandig Boss. 

To activate your Vollstandig, equip your Schrift and press the ‘G’ key when the gauge on the right side is completely filled.

Once activated, Vollstandig operates within a time constraint, initially lasting for 33 seconds and potentially extending up to a maximum of 190 seconds. This potent ability can be refined and strengthened over time through dedicated practice, either by utilizing it frequently or engaging in sparring sessions with the boss.

Upon emerging victorious against the boss, you promptly gain access to a set of unique Vollstandig moves. The effectiveness of these moves can be enhanced through consistent usage of the mode or by repeatedly conquering the boss.

While in Vollstandig mode, your character’s base stats receive substantial enhancements, contributing to your prowess in battle:
– Strength is bolstered by 20% (1.2x).
– Spirit is elevated by 30% (1.3x).
– Vitality experiences a significant boost of 25% (1.25x).

Defeat the Quincy Golem/vollstandig boss and obtain vollstandig

Peroxide Vollstandig: vollstandig Boss?

Once the Quincy player reaches level 90 or higher and follows Yhwach’s instructions, an intriguing adventure begins. Inside the house, a surprise awaits – a Stone Robot, an old Quincy training dummy. But when you step in, something magical happens. The Ancient Automaton fills with energy, and an epic battle begins.

**Phase 1:**
The Ancient Automaton is tougher than expected. It shoots powerful Reishi blasts that light up the area and destroys everything in its path. Normal attacks won’t work; you need to block its blasts and then hit it hard. After a fierce struggle, you defeat it, and its Reishi energy runs out. But is that the end?

**Phase 2:**
Here comes the big challenge. You enter another room and see another Stone Figure. This one doesn’t have fancy tricks. You can damage it with regular attacks, and it doesn’t shoot energy blasts. As you get close to winning, Yhwach appears. He takes energy from captured Soul Reapers and gives it to the Stone Figure. It transforms into Vollstandig, using the same abilities as you. Now the real battle begins.

Get ready for an intense showdown that will truly test your skills and determination.

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