Peroxide Soul Reaper Abilities [Kido Abilities]

Read on for Peroxide Soul Reaper Abilities [Kido Abilities].

Peroxide Soul Reaper Abilities [Kido Abilities]
Peroxide Soul Reaper Abilities [Kido Abilities]

Peroxide Soul Reaper Abilities

Soul Reapers in the Roblox Peroxide game can use a variety of skills/abilities. These are the Kido abilities. If you are unfamiliar with this game’s mechanics, please refer to our Peroxide abilities guide. Now let’s have a look at Peroxide Soul Reaper Abilities: 

Peroxide Soul Reaper Abilities: List of Kido Abilities


Senkaimon is an exclusive ability granted solely to Soul Reapers upon their transition to that role. It facilitates teleportation, allowing either the user or others to swiftly journey to the Soul Society.


Sho is a basic Kidō spell that involves focusing a small amount of reiatsu into the tip of the user’s finger and then releasing it in the form of a concentrated energy projectile. This projectile, while not overwhelmingly powerful, is still capable of inflicting moderate damage upon impact. Additionally, those who are hit by the Sho spell experience a brief moment of stagger, which can disrupt their actions and provide the user with an advantage in combat. It’s a quick and versatile spell that can be useful for weakening opponents and creating openings for further attacks.


Byakurai is a Kidō technique that allows the user to fire a rapid bolt of electricity. This bolt of electrical energy not only inflicts damage to the target but also delivers a shocking impact that can knock back anyone who comes into contact with it. It’s a versatile offensive spell that combines the power of lightning with forceful impact, making it effective for both dealing damage and creating distance between the user and their opponents.


Horin is a Kidō technique that involves casting out a rope of lightning. This electrified rope has the unique ability to draw in and pull anyone it comes into contact with towards the user. It’s a method of controlling the battlefield by manipulating the movement of opponents, potentially disrupting their plans and positioning.


Okasen is a technique where the user raises their Zanpakutō horizontally before them, conjuring a yellow orb that expands to cover the length of their blade. Once fully charged, this orb unleashes a broad, horizontal arc of yellow energy aimed at the target. With mastery of this move, the projectile gains increased speed, allowing it to travel faster towards its intended destination.

Shinten Raiho[Hado 88]

Shinten Raiho, a powerful technique marked by the practitioner extending their arm forward and palm open, emits an immense beam of combined electrical and spiritual energy towards the target. While this move generally does not break through guards, those who have achieved mastery in it can make the final hit possess the ability to break through guards.


Geki is a technique that involves tracing a sacred symbol before you and then invoking it, resulting in a momentary paralysis for anyone obstructing your path.

Black Box[Hado 90]

Black Box [Hado 90], also known as Kurohitsugi, is an advanced Kidō technique that ensnares its target within a dark spiritual coffin. The caster harnesses a surge of purple and black spiritual energy, enveloping the intended target with a potent gravitational force. This energy then takes shape as a box crafted from black energy, adorned with spear-like appendages that pierce through the confines, inflicting grievous injuries on the enclosed individual from head to toe. The potency of this move’s damage escalates with higher mastery.


– Membership in the Aizen Clan

Getsuga Tenshou

Getsuga Tenshou involves concentrating vast amounts of Reiatsu at the tip of your blade and subsequently unleashing it in a formidable slash that eradicates all spiritual energy in its path.


– Membership in the Kurosaki Clan

Tsuzuri Raiden

Tsuzuri Raiden allows you to infuse your weapon with electric energy, thereby enhancing the duration of stun effects and augmenting the damage output of all your slashing attacks.


Shakkaho involves concentrating a cluster of crimson flames within your palm before releasing it as a projectile. This incendiary attack inflicts burn damage upon those it strikes.

Joy of Battle

“Joy of Battle” entails immersing oneself fully in the present battle, achieving harmonious unity with the combat at hand. In exchange for relinquishing knowledge of Kido techniques, the user gains an abundance of Reiatsu and strength.


– Membership in the Zaraki Clan


Tenran involves harnessing your Reiatsu to create whirlwinds, unleashing a torrent of swift and forceful winds that propel your adversaries through the air.


Haien entails launching a fiery purple crescent imbued with formidable fire energy. Upon impact, it generates an expanse of scorching heat, forming an area of incineration that engulfs anyone stepping within its bounds.


Shokyaku involves delivering a forceful kick to your adversary, propelling them through the air. Subsequently, you follow up by releasing a surge of blue flames, effectively immolating your target.


Danku manifests a protective barrier that effectively intercepts Hado, Kido, and a range of other attacks. It possesses the remarkable ability to also parry any move capable of breaching defenses, including ultimate moves from Bankai, Segunda Etapa, and Vollständig, as well as powerful M2 attacks.


Kaido allows you to establish a rejuvenating sphere in your vicinity. This sphere heals both yourself and your allies, while concurrently sapping your reiatsu.

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