Peroxide Quincy Abilities

Read on for Peroxide Quincy Abilities.

Peroxide Quincy Abilities
Peroxide Quincy Abilities

Peroxide Quincy Abilities

Quincy, in the Roblox Peroxide game, can use a variety of skills/abilities. These are Quincy’s abilities. If you are unfamiliar with this game’s mechanics, please refer to our Peroxide abilities guide.

Quincy Abilities are exclusive skills reserved for Quincy characters. These abilities can be upgraded to reduce cooldowns and reiatsu costs. Each ability offers unique effects and mechanics, enhancing Quincy’s combat prowess. 

Now let’s have a look at Peroxide Quincy Abilities: 

Peroxide Quincy Abilities: List of Quincy Abilities


Schatten is a unique ability granted to Quincies upon becoming part of the Quincy community. It enables Quincies to transport themselves to the Wandenreich, their home base. This ability becomes accessible to Quincies as soon as they join the Quincy ranks.

Arrow Barrage

Arrow Barrage is a potent Quincy ability that involves unleashing a swift and continuous stream of arrows. These arrows possess the ability to break through an opponent’s block, making them a formidable offensive tool. The attack culminates with a powerful strike that propels the target through the air, adding an extra layer of impact to the assault.

Heilig Schlag

Heilig Schlag is a formidable Quincy skill that involves launching a colossal arrow along a designated path. This arrow leaves behind a dense trail of Reishi as it travels. Once the arrow makes contact with its intended target or is destroyed, it triggers a powerful detonation that obliterates everything encompassed by the lingering Reishi trail. This makes Heilig Schlag a devastating long-range attack that can deal significant damage to both foes and their surroundings.


Trickshot is a dynamic Quincy maneuver that combines swordplay and archery. To execute this move, you start by performing a forward saber slash. If this slash connects with an opponent, it propels you into a swift backflip. In the midst of this acrobatic movement, you unleash a potent arrow shot that holds more power than a standard one. Additionally, the jump resulting from the successful saber slice automatically locks onto the target, ensuring your arrow’s accuracy. This unique combination of actions makes Trickshot a versatile and effective technique for engaging adversaries in battle.

The Almighty

The Almighty is a formidable ability exclusive to those of the Yhwach Clan. By enveloping yourself with a multitude of vigilant eyes, you gain an unparalleled advantage in battle. These eyes possess the extraordinary capability to perceive and anticipate enemy movements, granting you the ability to flawlessly evade every incoming attack. This mastery over foresight, coupled with your enhanced perception, makes The Almighty a potent asset that can turn the tide of any confrontation.


Heizen is a formidable Quincy ability that allows you to manipulate the environment to your advantage. By summoning a sturdy box above your intended target, you create a surprising and devastating effect. The box rapidly descends and slams down upon the target, inflicting significant damage and leaving behind a wake of destruction. This skillful maneuver adds an element of surprise and strategy to your combat repertoire, giving you an edge in battle situations.

Blut Vein

Blut Vein is a potent Quincy technique that harnesses the power of Reishi to enhance your defense. By channeling Reishi energy, you can fortify your skin to become as tough as steel. This defensive ability grants you added protection against attacks, creating a formidable shield that can help you withstand even the most powerful strikes. Blut Vein showcases the Quincy’s mastery over manipulating Reishi for both offensive and defensive purposes, making it a valuable asset in combat situations.

Licht Regen

Licht Regen is a remarkable Quincy ability that involves launching a colossal arrow into the sky. This arrow then bursts into a cascade of smaller fragments resembling arrows, creating a mesmerizing rain of reishi-infused projectiles. As these luminous fragments descend from the heavens, they shower the battlefield with deadly precision, potentially striking multiple targets within their reach. The beauty of Licht Regen lies in its combination of raw power and tactical finesse, making it a formidable choice for engaging enemies from a distance.

Reishi Downpour

Reishi Downpour is a unique Quincy ability that involves firing a specially crafted arrow high into the atmosphere. This arrow possesses the remarkable capability to manipulate the ambient reishi in the air, causing it to condense and solidify. As a result, the reishi transforms into a multitude of solid projectiles that rain down upon the battlefield below. These condensed reishi fragments carry substantial piercing power, capable of striking and piercing through any unfortunate targets situated on the ground. Reishi Downpour showcases the Quincy’s mastery over reishi manipulation and their ability to harness nature’s elements to devastating effect.


Rachepfeil is an exclusive Quincy ability that unleashes a unique arrow with a distinct attribute. As you sustain damage, the power of this arrow increases, harnessing the energy from your own injuries to amplify its strength. When fired, the arrow travels along a designated path, striking any opponents within its vicinity. Upon impact, the arrow detonates with tremendous force, creating a massive explosion that engulfs the surroundings. This ability is an emblem of the Ishida Clan’s expertise in utilizing their own condition to fuel their attacks, making it an especially formidable weapon in battles where resilience and strategy are crucial.

Medicinal Medallion

The Medicinal Medallion is a valuable Quincy ability designed to aid allies in the heat of battle. When activated, this skill allows you to hurl a specially imbued medallion infused with healing energy. After a brief delay, the medallion bursts open, releasing a rejuvenating aura of healing energy. This radiant burst of energy has the power to mend wounds and restore vitality to both you and your nearby allies. With the Medicinal Medallion at your disposal, you can provide crucial support and ensure the well-being of your comrades during intense combat situations.

So that covers Peroxide Quincy Abilities. 

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