Roblox Peroxide Controls Wiki: XBOX, PC, and Mobile Controls

Read on for Roblox Peroxide Controls Wiki Guide: List Of All Controls.

Peroxide Controls Wiki Guide List Of All Controls
Peroxide Controls Wiki Guide List Of All Controls

Roblox Peroxide Controls For PC

  • Movement: Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to control your character’s movement.
  • Dash: Press the Q key to perform a quick dash in your current direction.
  • Dash Directions: Combine the Q key with W, A, S, or D to dash forward, left, right, or backward respectively.
  • Sprint: Press the W key twice (WW) to sprint and move faster.
  • Jump: Use the Spacebar to make your character jump.
  • Block: Press the F key to raise your defenses and block incoming attacks.
  • Push Counter: While blocking, press F and then the right mouse button (M2) to counter and push opponents.
  • Attack: Click the left mouse button (M1) to perform a regular attack.
  • Draw Weapon: Press E to ready your weapon for combat.
  • Use Mode: Press G to activate a special mode or ability.
  • Spirit Realm / Skill Bind Menu: Press N to teleport to the spirit realm or access the skill binding menu.
  • Carry: Use the V key to lift and carry objects.
  • Grip: Press the B key to grab onto objects.
  • Game Menu: Open the game menu by pressing the M key.
  • Toggle Party: Use the P key to show or hide the party interface.
  • Open Hotbar: Press the ` key (usually located above the Tab key) to reveal the hotbar.
  • Skill Selection: Use the number keys 1 through 7 to select and activate skills from the hotbar.
  • Camera Zoom Out: Press O to zoom the camera out for a wider view.
  • Camera Zoom In: Press I to zoom the camera in for a closer look.
  • Chat: Use the / key to open the chat interface and communicate with others.
  • Toggle Player List: Press the Tab key to switch the visibility of the main player list.

Roblox Peroxide Controls For XBOX

Here’s the Xbox Controls List for “Peroxide”:

  • – Left Stick: Move
  • – Right Stick: Adjust Camera
  • – A Button: Jump
  • – Y Button: Dash
  • – B Button: Critical Attack
  • – X Button: Attack
  • – Right on D-Pad: Equip Weapon
  • – LB Button: Toggle Auto Lock
  • – LT Button: Block
  • – LT + B Button: Push Counter
  • – RB Button: Flashstep
  • – RB + B Button: Uppercut

Roblox Peroxide Controls For Mobile

  • – Katana Button: Get your weapon ready.
  • – Sword Button: Swing your weapon to attack.
  • – Shield Button: Use your shield to block incoming attacks.
  • – Sword + Shield Button: Counter enemy attacks with a combination of your sword and shield.
  • – Arrow Button: Jump to avoid obstacles or reach higher places.
  • – Backpack Button: Access your inventory and items.
  • – Running Person Button: Increase your character’s speed to run.
  • – Faster Running Person Button: Dash with even more speed.
  • – Robux Button: Open the menu for purchasing in-game upgrades and items.
  • – Red Circle Button: Toggle automatic targeting to lock onto enemies.
  • – Sparkle Button: Enable shift lock for adjusting your view angle.
  • – Bar Graph Button: Open the game menu for options and settings.
  • – Skull Button: Perform a decisive finishing move.
  • – Person Carrying Button: Lift and carry objects or other characters.
  • – Meditating Button: Engage in a meditative state.
  • – Standing Button: Awaken from a special state of being.

Roblox Peroxide Controls: GUI

  • ¥ Symbol: Money you currently have.
  • Red Bar: Your health
  • Level Figure above the red bar: Your current level
  • Purple Bar: Player’s Reiatsu
  • Three round shape icons above the red bar; CD/Cooldown of blocking[left], uppercut[middle], and dash[right] 

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