Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals Guide & List

Read on for the Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals Guide.

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals Guide & List
Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals Guide & List

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals [Gems] Guide: Introduction

Reiatsu Crystals in Roblox Peroxide are precious gems that hold the key to significantly boosting a player’s abilities. These crystals introduce a range of enhancements to your skills, and there are 19 unique types of Crystals available within the game. It’s important to note, however, that each move can only be enhanced by a single Crystal at any given time.

Here’s a helpful note of caution: While you can switch out Crystals to experiment with different enhancements, doing so comes at the expense of the previous Crystal you had equipped. Drawing from my own gameplay experiences, I can attest that the choice of which Crystal to use can exert a profound influence over the course of a battle. The right Crystal selection can effectively tip the scales in your favor, so it’s a decision worth considering strategically.

How To Get Reiatsu Crystals In Peroxide Roblox

Getting Reiatsu Crystals in Roblox Peroxide requires a specific process. Here’s how you can obtain these valuable enhancements:

1. Requirements: You’ll need 10 Time Relics and 50 bucks to acquire Reiatsu Crystals. If you don’t know how to obtain Time Relics, read this Time Relic guide

2. Find the Shady Shinigami: Locate the Shady Shinigami NPC within the game world[The City -> Karakura -> ASR’S Cafe]. You can check the Shady Shinigami location guide here. This character is your point of contact for obtaining Reiatsu Crystals.

3. Speak and Exchange: Approach the Shady Shinigami and initiate a conversation. In exchange for your 10 Time Relics and 50$, the Shady Shinigami will provide you with a random Reiatsu Crystal.

4. Random Crystal: It’s crucial to keep in mind that the type of Crystal you receive is entirely random. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get the specific Crystal you’re hoping for.

5. Worth the Risk: Despite the randomness, many players find it worthwhile to invest in collecting these crystals due to their substantial impact on battles. Over time, the strategic benefits of these enhancements can make the investment pay off.

By following this process and interacting with the Shady Shinigami, you can gradually amass a collection of Reiatsu Crystals that can be applied strategically to enhance your abilities in Peroxide.

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals [Gems] List

In Roblox Peroxide, there are 19 different types of Reiatsu Crystals, each offering unique enhancements to your moves. These Crystals are categorized into three levels of rarity:

  • Common (80% drop rate)
  • Rare(18% drop rate)
  • Legendary(2% drop rate)

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals/Gems: NEW

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals/Gems: Common

  • 1. Crystal of Wind: Adds a brief wind dash and perfect dodge frames before the move is executed.
  • 2. Crystal of Shadow: Darkens the opponent’s screen and reduces their damage dealt by 5% when the attached move is used.
  • 3. Crystal of Spirit: Halves the Reiatsu cost of the move and removes Anti-Reiatsu regeneration.
  • 4. Crystal of Inferno: Adds burn damage to the move it’s applied to.
  • 5. Crystal of Force: Increases knockback in the attached move.

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals/Gems: Rare

  • 1. Crystal of Ichor: Grants lifesteal to the move it’s attached to.
  • 2. Crystal of Exponentiality: Delays the damage dealt after a hit, while increasing the move’s damage by 30%.
  • 3. Crystal of Aegis: Provides hyper armor, blocking one hit (except counters and guard breaks).
  • 4. Crystal of Clutch: Pulls nearby players toward the move user.
  • 5. Crystal of Prodigy: Enhances the mastery of the move.
  • 6. Crystal of Degression: Adds a mark to the opponent, devolving their moves and removing applied Crystals.
  • 7. Crystal of Chains: Chains multiple opponents together, allowing shared damage.
  • 8. Crystal of Creep: Absorbs Reiatsu from an opponent when the attached move is used on them.
  • 9. Crystal of Reap: Disables all healing except health packs for the target hit by the move.

Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals/Gems: Legendary

  • 1. Crystal of Terra: Creates a wall behind the opponent, dealing extra damage if pushed into it.
  • 2. Crystal of Despair: Surrounds the opponent with a dark aura, preventing ability use when hit.
  • 3. Crystal of Null: Greatly increases damage but reduces subsequent damage for a time.
  • 4. Crystal of Conduction: Adds a lightning strike after a downslam in the attached move.

These Reiatsu Crystals offer diverse enhancements to your abilities, allowing for strategic customization of your playstyle. Remember that while their effects can be powerful, you can only apply one Crystal to a move at a time, and the choice of Crystal can significantly impact your gameplay strategy.

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