Peroxide Hollow Clans

Read on for Peroxide Hollow Clans.

Peroxide Hollow Clans
Peroxide Hollow Clans

Peroxide Hollow Clans

Peroxide Hollow Clans can only be rerolled or obtained by the Hollow class. If you are a Soul Reaper or Quincy, you can not obtain Hollow clans. Check all Peroxide clans here. 

Peroxide Clans: Hollow Clans[Common]

Below we have listed Peroxide Clans of Hollow Class[Common] and the buffs they grant when you reroll them:

  • Pyximes Clan: Members of the Pyximes Clan are marked by their heightened spiritual connection, providing a +5 Spirit bonus.
  • Reddark Clan: The Reddark Clan possesses exceptional control over their Reiatsu, resulting in a +5 Reiatsu bonus.
  • Hollargo Clan: Known for their agility, the Hollargo Clan enjoys a +5 Agility bonus.
  • Vriess Clan: The Vriess Clan’s vitality and resilience grant them a +5 Vitality bonus.
  • Terges Clan: Members of the Terges Clan are attuned to the spiritual realm, resulting in a +5 Spirit bonus.
  • Grindella Clan: The Grindella Clan’s enduring strength grants them a +5 Strength bonus.
  • Llargaller Clan: The Llargaller Clan harnesses their innate Reiatsu, resulting in a +5 Reiatsu bonus.
  • Roldullen Clan: Members of the Roldullen Clan are deeply connected to their spiritual side, offering a +5 Spirit bonus.
  • Harrett Clan: Known for their nimbleness, the Harrett Clan possesses a +5 Agility bonus.
  • Gillilga Clan: The Gillilga Clan’s agility is unparalleled, providing a 5% agility multiplier (1.05x).
  • Tergeaux Clan: The Tergeaux Clan’s innate regenerative abilities amplify their healing, providing a 5% improvement in health regeneration (1.05x).
  • Weskullen Clan: The Weskullen Clan’s mastery over Reiatsu regen is evident, offering a 5% enhancement (1.05x).

Peroxide Clans: Hollow Clans[Rare]

Below we have listed Peroxide Clans of Hollow Class[Rare] and the buffs they grant when you reroll them:

  • Gilga Clan: The strength of the Gilga Clan is evident, with a 15% strength multiplier (1.15x) and a remarkable 20% vitality multiplier (1.2x).
  • Rureux Clan: The Rureux Clan’s agility shines with a 20% agility multiplier (1.2x).
  • Arruruerie Clan: The Arruruerie Clan’s spiritual prowess is reflected in their 15% spirit multiplier (1.15x).
  • Harribel Clan: The Harribel Clan exhibits spiritual power with a 15% spirit multiplier (1.15x) and an impressive 20% vitality multiplier (1.2x).
  • Llargo Clan: The Llargo Clan embodies strength and Reiatsu, as reflected in their 15% strength multiplier (1.15x), 15% Reiatsu multiplier (1.15x), and 15% vitality multiplier (1.15x).

Peroxide Clans: Hollow Clans[Legendary]

Below we have listed Peroxide Clans of Hollow Class[Legendary] and the buffs they grant when you reroll them:

  • Jaegerjaquez Clan: The Jaegerjaquez Clan’s diverse abilities encompass a 15% strength multiplier (1.15x), a 10% agility multiplier (1.1x), and a 13% vitality multiplier (1.13x).
  • Cifer Clan: The Cifer Clan’s mastery is displayed through a 12% agility multiplier (1.12x), a 15% spirit multiplier (1.15x), a 15% Reiatsu multiplier (1.15x), and a 15% enhanced health regeneration (1.15x).
  • Starrk Clan: The Starrk Clan’s spiritual prowess is manifest in their 15% spirit multiplier (1.15x), 12% Reiatsu multiplier (1.12x), and 13% enhanced Reiatsu regeneration (1.13x).
  • Louisenbairn Clan: (This clan does not possess an ability)
  • +40% Experience Multiplier (1.4x), +15% Strength Multiplier (1.15x), +10% Agility Multiplier (1.1x), +13% Vitality Multiplier (1.13x), +15% Spirit Multiplier (1.15x), +10% Reiatsu Multiplier (1.1x), +10% Enhanced Reiatsu Regeneration (1.1x).

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