Peroxide Valkyrie Clan

Read on for Peroxide Valkyrie Clan.

Peroxide Valkyrie Clan
Peroxide Valkyrie Clan

Peroxide Valkyrie Clan

  • Valkyrie
    • 20% Vitality multiplier (1.2x)
    • 20% Strength multiplier (1.2x)

The Valkyrie clan is renowned for its distinctive advantages that bestow members with extraordinary capabilities. With a formidable 20% Vitality multiplier (1.2x), clan members experience heightened physical endurance and resilience. This augmentation bolsters their overall health and stamina, making them formidable opponents in both combat and endurance-based challenges.

Furthermore, the Valkyrie clan members also benefit from a remarkable 20% Strength multiplier (1.2x). This exceptional perk enhances their physical power, enabling them to wield greater strength in battles and other physically demanding tasks. The Strength multiplier empowers clan members to deliver powerful blows, lift heavier objects, and exhibit remarkable feats of might.

Peroxide Clans are classified into three distinct rarities: common, rare, and legendary clans, each with varying probabilities of acquisition. During rerolls, the majority, at 89%, yields a common clan with moderate perks. The rare clans, comprising 9%, offer more impactful benefits, granting members a competitive edge. Lastly, the apex of prestige is represented by the legendary clans, which are attainable at a mere 2% chance. These legendary clans provide unparalleled advantages and are highly sought after by those seeking dominance.

In this framework, the esteemed Valkyrie clan is categorized as a rare clan. Possessing the 20% Vitality multiplier and 20% Strength multiplier, the Valkyrie clan members are endowed with unparalleled physical endurance and strength. Their rarity within the Peroxide Clan spectrum elevates their standing and grants them an exceptional advantage in various physical challenges and confrontations.

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