Peroxide Vizard Guide & Vizard Mask: How to unlock Vizard in Peroxide

Read on for Peroxide Vizard Guide: How to unlock Vizard in Peroxide.

Peroxide Vizard Guide & Vizard Mask How to unlock Vizard in Peroxide
Peroxide Vizard Guide & Vizard Mask How to unlock Vizard in Peroxide

Peroxide Vizard

In Roblox Peroxide, Vizard transformation can only be acquired if you are a soul reaper. If you are a Quincy or Hollow, you can not get this form.

How To Get Vizard Form In Roblox Peroxide?

You need to meet the following requirements as a soul reaper to achieve Vizard form in Roblox Peroxide;

  • Max Level: The first requirement is to level up to max[165] as a soul reaper. Do the quests, grind EXP, and level up.
  • Impure Hogyoku: You can learn more about Impure Hogyoku here. It’s an item that you get upon redeeming Time Remnant. You can read more about Time Remnant here. Time Remnant is not easy to obtain because devs have set a very low drop rate for this particular item. You can get it from Incursion/Raid, Invasions, or Time Gate. Time Gate Win has the highest drop rate for Time Remnant compared to Incursions and Invasions.

How To Use Vizard Mask In Roblox Peroxide?

Equipping the Vizard Mask in Peroxide is a simple process. Once you’ve used the Impure Hogyoku, a new ability will appear on your Hotbar. In our case, it was located in slot seven. To equip your Vizard Mask, either press the number seven key on your keyboard or hover over the ability icon and click the number seven.

Peroxide Vizard Potential 

Being a Vizard in Peroxide goes beyond just wearing a cool mask. It grants you access to arrancar moves, though with a few exceptions. Moves like Cero Oscuras, Hierro, and Garganta won’t be available to you. But don’t worry; the Vizard form brings a range of benefits:

1. **Stat Boost:** You’ll experience a significant increase in all your stats. However, there’s a catch: when you’re not using the mask, your strength will be reduced by 15%.

2. **Boost Levels:** The extent of boosts depends on your Mastery level:
– Mastery 1: 6% boost
– Mastery 2: 9% boost
– Mastery 3: 12% boost

3. **Vizard Gauge:** On the left side of your screen, you’ll notice a Vizard gauge beneath your Shikai gauge. This gauge indicates your Vizard strength. If you activate the mask when the gauge is below 50%, you’ll receive an additional 3% boost. If the gauge is above 50%, the boost becomes even more significant at 6.5%.

From my personal experience, transforming into a Vizard adds an exciting new dimension to your gameplay. The surge in power, the strategic elements, and the excitement of mastering Hollow powers all contribute to an incredible and adventurous gameplay experience.

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