Peroxide Adjuchas & Adjucar Guide

Read on for Peroxide Adjuchas & Adjucar Guide.

Peroxide Adjuchas & Adjucar Guide
Peroxide Adjuchas & Adjucar Guide

Peroxide Adjuchas & Adjucar Guide

Adjuchas can pull off their mask and become Adjucar, which is better than The Menoscar. First, become a red-eye hollow. Then eliminate another red eye hollow and obtain Gillian/Menos form. Players can obtain Adjuchas form by eliminating 30 hollows as a menos and survive for 30 minutes. If you pull your mask off as an Adjuchas, you will become an Adjucar. Vasto Progression: 10 Kill Count. Ancient Adjuchas are worth 25 kills toward Vasto progression. NPC Adjuchas have a chance to spawn with the “Ancient” title, which does not change their looks but makes them a lot tougher and stronger. “Ancient” Adjuchas also give more kills towards Vasto prog than regular Adjuchas.

Peroxide Adjucar Buffs

  • 1.05x stat multiplier
  • 40% EXP buff
  • +50 max hp
  • +5 to their max level at max potential (Potential + 10 = Max Level)

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