Peroxide Time Bubble (Raids) Guide

Read on for Peroxide Time Bubble (Raids) Guide. 

Peroxide Time Bubble (Raids) Guide
Peroxide Time Bubble (Raids) Guide

Peroxide Time Bubble (Raids) Guide: Explanation

Time Bubbles in Peroxide serve as raids, special events that involve players teaming up to take on formidable adversaries from the past. When you see massive beams of energy descending from the sky, that signal the commencement of a raid; these adversaries aren’t just ordinary foes; they are bosses of significant difficulty. However, the challenges presented by these raids come with valuable rewards. By triumphing over these raids, you stand a chance of obtaining a Time Relic, a sought-after item.

Here’s what you should keep in mind before engaging in battle. These raids appear across the game map approximately every 30 to 45 minutes. Their duration is quite brief, lasting only five minutes, so being prepared is essential. Also, based on my personal experience, it’s important to note that you must be at least at level 15 to participate in a raid. If you and your team manage to defeat the raid within seven minutes, you’ll earn additional rewards on top of your accomplishments.

Peroxide Time Bubble (Raids) Guide: List of Raids

In Peroxide, there are three Time Bubble Raids you can participate in:

1. **Aizen Raid**

Facing Aizen is a formidable challenge that scales with your level. The battle unfolds in three phases, each progressively more difficult:

– **Phase 1:** Aizen initially displays a calm demeanor, using a few abilities.
– **Phase 2:** When provoked, Aizen wields his Shikai “Kyōka Suigetsu” and summons clones, increasing the complexity of the battle.
– **Phase 3:** Aizen harnesses the power of the Hogyoku, unleashing unique and powerful abilities to attempt to defeat you.

The reward for conquering this challenge is a guaranteed Time Relic, and there’s a small chance to obtain the Aizen outfit.

2. **The Storm Raid**

This raid is intense, signaled by bright orange lights that herald the arrival of powerful foes known as Arrancars. Arrancars are linked to beams and arrive in five progressively harder waves. As you advance through the waves, your chances of obtaining the Hollow Hunter Coat increase upon defeating the Arrancars.

3. **Ulquiorra Raid**

The Ulquiorra Raid Boss is equally tough, scaling with your level and featuring three distinct phases:

– **Phase 1:** Ulquiorra starts in his base form, seemingly relaxed.
– **Phase 2:** After dealing sufficient damage, Ulquiorra transforms, but his power is still somewhat restrained.
– **Phase 3:** Ulquiorra unleashes his full strength, launching challenging attacks that put your skills to the test.

Conquering Ulquiorra guarantees you a Time Relic, and there’s a slim possibility of obtaining his outfit or the special Volcan Cero ability.

Peroxide Time Relic Item Guide

Time Relics are rare and highly sought-after items in Peroxide. Collecting 10 of these relics through successful raid completions allows you to trade them with the Shady Shinigami NPCs[Location; The City; Use the Reiatsu and Visit the Yen symbol close to + green symbol]. In exchange, you’ll receive a random Reiatsu Gem/Crystal, adding a touch of mystery and value to your rewards.

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