Peroxide Wandering Trader Location Guide – Dr. Hydrogen

Read on for Peroxide Wandering Trader Location Guide – Dr. Hydrogen/

Peroxide Wandering Trader Location Guide – Dr. Hydrogen
Peroxide Wandering Trader Location Guide – Dr. Hydrogen

Peroxide Wandering Trader Location Guide – Dr. Hydrogen

Wandering Trader, also known as Dr. Hydrogen, is one of the NPCs in the Roblox Peroxide who resides in a Pocket Realm that changes location daily. You will mostly find him in the Hueco Mundo; all you need to do is look for the blue Pocket Realm around the mentioned location and, once found, interact with it. When you interact with the Pocket Realm, you will get the option to enter The City by pressing and holding down the E key. After this, the game will take you to the new location called “The City,” where you can interact with Dr. Hydrogen, also known as Wandering Trader. The NPC’s name is Dr. Hydrogen. Interacting with him will open Dr. Hydrogen’s shop, where you can trade exclusive items. 

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In the vibrant universe of Peroxide, the Lightning Rework update has ushered in a mysterious character, the Wandering Trader, alias Dr. Hydrogen. This guide is your key to unraveling the whereabouts of Dr. Hydrogen and unlocking the treasures he holds in his enigmatic emporium.

Locating Dr. Hydrogen in Peroxide

Finding Dr. Hydrogen is a daily quest, and he prefers to dwell in a Pocket Realm that shifts its location daily. To track him down, venture into Hueco Mundo and keep an eye out for a beckoning blue Pocket Realm. Engage with it, and you’ll be transported to The City, where the elusive Dr. Hydrogen awaits. Monitor the timer beside him—it signals the duration he’ll linger in that locale before embarking on his wandering journey again.

Dr. Hydrogen’s Offerings

1. Dr. Hydrogen’s Shop:
Dr. Hydrogen operates a dynamic shop with an ever-changing inventory. Daily visits unveil a trove of rare items. On a recent exploration, tempting wares included a Time Splitter for 2200 Yen, a Fortune Field Gen for 850 Yen, and a Peroxide Mixture for a modest 250 Yen. The ephemeral nature of his stock makes frequent visits a profitable strategy.

2. Dr. Hydrogen’s Scrapping Machine

For the daring souls seeking a thrill, Dr. Hydrogen presents the Scrapping Machine, a gamble that mimics a slot machine. For a mere 150 Yen, you can take a spin with three Commons or double the ante to 300 Yen for a chance with three Rares. The outcome is shrouded in randomness, offering a tantalizing mix of rewards, including accessories, a Hogyoku, or the risk of a formidable blow. Approach with caution, for luck may be your most steadfast companion.

Embark on the quest to find Dr. Hydrogen in Peroxide, where each encounter promises a dash of mystery and the potential for lucrative rewards. May your Yen multiply, and fortune favor the brave in this Anime Bleach-inspired Roblox realm!

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