Peroxide Unstable Time Remnant Guide [June 2024]

Read on for the Peroxide Unstable Time Remnant Guide.

Peroxide Unstable Time Remnant Guide
Peroxide Unstable Time Remnant Guide

Peroxide Unstable Time Remnant: How to Get Unstable Time Remnants?

Peroxide, with its intricate gameplay and intriguing world, has a special treat for its players – the Unstable Time Remnant. This elusive item can only be obtained through S-Rank Invasions within the game. It’s crucial to understand that only S-Rank Invasions have the potential to reward you with the coveted Unstable Time Remnant. Engaging in invasions of any other rank will net you regular Time Remnants, not the Unstable variant.

Obtaining an Unstable Time Remnant largely hinges on luck, but your performance during gameplay can significantly enhance your odds. The better you do, the higher your score, leading to improved drop rates and increased experience points.

Peroxide Unstable Time Remnant: Rewards from Unstable Time Remnants

When you successfully acquire and open an Unstable Time Remnant, you’ll be presented with three choices, mirroring the options available with the regular Time Remnants. However, the rewards from the Unstable version are notably more valuable. Here’s what you can anticipate:

1. Godly Accessory: This grants you access to one of the five new Godly Time Remnant accessories.

2. Legendary Skill: This imparts knowledge of one of the four new skills. Three of these skills are universal, while one is a kido exclusive to shinigami.

3. Ultimate Crystal: This potent Reiatsu crystal enhances your ultimate abilities. Be cautious, though, as it comes with certain drawbacks.

Initiating S Rank Invasions in Peroxide

To embark on an S Rank Invasion in Peroxide, you’ll need to approach your invasion general. However, keep in mind that you must have achieved at least an S-rank to be eligible for these high-stakes missions.

Once you’re immersed in an S Rank Invasion, your performance will undergo evaluation at the end. Your score is directly linked to your performance, so the better you fare, the higher your score will be. This not only rewards you with more experience but also increases your chances of obtaining those elusive Unstable Time Remnants.

In conclusion, while securing Unstable Time Remnants in Peroxide might be a gamble of luck, your skills and performance during S Rank Invasions can significantly tip the odds in your favor. So, sharpen your strategy, prepare for battle, and dive into the thrilling world of Peroxide to chase after these valuable relics.

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