How To Get Ultimate (Reiatsu) Crystal in Peroxide [February 2024]

Read on for How to Get Ultimate (Reiatsu) Crystal in Peroxide.

How To Get Ultimate (Reiatsu) Crystal in Peroxide
How To Get Ultimate (Reiatsu) Crystal in Peroxide

How to Obtain the Ultimate (Reiatsu) Crystal in Peroxide?

Unlocking the Ultimate Crystal in Peroxide is a coveted achievement that enhances your gameplay significantly. This powerful Reiatsu Crystal can be applied to your ultimate move, unlocking its true potential. Here’s how to get your hands on this game-changing item:

Step 1: Obtain an Unstable Time Remnant

The journey to acquiring the Ultimate Crystal begins with securing an Unstable Time Remnant. This rare item can only be obtained through S-Rank Invasions in Peroxide. It’s essential to note that participating in invasions of lower ranks will only yield regular Time Remnants, so aim for the highest tier to increase your chances.

Step 2: Make Your Choice

Once you’ve successfully acquired an Unstable Time Remnant, you’ll be faced with a crucial decision. You’ll have three options to choose from, each offering distinct benefits:

1. Ultimate Crystal: This is the prized item you seek. The Ultimate Crystal is a Reiatsu Crystal that empowers your ultimate move, making it even more formidable.

2. Legendary Skill: Opting for this grants you knowledge of one of the four new skills introduced in Peroxide. Three of these skills are universal, while one is an exclusive kido skill for shinigami.

3. Godly Accessory: Choosing this option rewards you with one of the five new Godly Time Remnant accessories, enhancing your character’s abilities and appearance.

Understanding the Ultimate Crystal

The Ultimate Crystal is a game-changing item that augments your ultimate move’s capabilities. However, the exact effects of this crystal remain shrouded in mystery. Some players speculate that it might increase the cooldown of the ultimate move, while others suggest that its effects are yet to be fully understood.

Initiating S Rank Invasions

To embark on S Rank Invasions in Peroxide, you must seek out your invasion general. Keep in mind that eligibility for these high-stakes missions requires you to have achieved at least an S-rank.

Elevate Your Performance

During an S Rank Invasion, your performance will be closely evaluated. The better you fare during the invasion, the higher your score will be. This not only translates to increased experience points but also significantly boosts your chances of obtaining valuable rewards, including the sought-after Unstable Time Remnants.

In conclusion, the Ultimate Crystal in Peroxide is a game-changer that can amplify the potency of your ultimate move. To acquire it, venture into S-Rank Invasions, secure an Unstable Time Remnant, and make the crucial choice that suits your playstyle. With a bit of luck and strategic prowess, you’ll unlock this powerful item and elevate your Peroxide experience to new heights.

So that covers the Peroxide Ultimate (Reiatsu) Crystal Guide. 

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